Is Acheron worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail?

Is Acheron worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail? 1

With Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 just around the corner, the main question remains: Should you pull for Acheron?

One of the most awaited characters in Honkai: Star Rail is Acheron, who will be featured in the first phase of the version 2.1 “Into the Yawning Chasm” update on March 27, 2024. She is a 5-star Nihility Lightning character whom Trailblazers encountered in version 2.0 during the Penacony questline. Wondering whether Acheron is worth your Stellar Jades and pulls? Read on as we tackle whether you should pull for her!

How Good is Acheron as a Playable Character?

It’s clear that Acheron has been hyped ever since players found out that she’d be a playable character. Not only does her character model look stunning, but her mysteriousness also captured the attention of many fans.

Acheron can be played as a Hypercarry or Carry DPS, depending on the characters that you may have. To optimize her damage, it’s adviseable to have two Nihility characters that would allow her to do more damage due to her Trace “The Abyss” which affects her Basic Attack, Skill, and Ultimate.

She is also currently the only character with a Technique that has the possibility to instantly kill enemies in the overworld without entering the turn-based combat system. Not only that, but her Ultimate looks visually appealing and unique as it allows her to attack in multiple parts.

Do I Need Acheron’s Signature Light Cone?

You may be wondering if you would need to pull for Acheron’s Signature Light Cone “Along the Passing Shore” on top of pulling for Acheron, and the answer would be: not really. It’s true that her Light Cone provides amazing stat increases such as CRIT DMG%, making it appealing to pull for as well. I wouldn’t say you would be required to pull for it, but it would be a plus, especially if you’re not planning on pulling for other characters in the other upcoming character and light cone warp banners. If you’re a free-to-play player and want Acheron, you still have other good alternatives, such as the 4-star “Good Night and Sleep Well.”

Is Acheron Worth Pulling for?

If you’ve been a Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact fan for a while now and looking to get every Ei or Raiden Shogun and Raiden Mei counterpart, then yes, you should definitely pull for Acheron. The general advice that I’d give whenever this question pops up would be to pull for who you want to play as and get.

However, if you’re still having doubts about whether it’s worth it to pull for Acheron, then it’s best to look into your current roster of playable characters. There are a lot of upcoming characters, both 4 and 5-star characters, which may have the Combat Type or Path that you need to clear certain bosses, content, or story quest battles.

For Version 2.1 Phase 1, Luocha will be having his rerun as well so if you need an Imaginary healer character, then you’ll be better getting him over Acheron. Phase 2 will include Aventurine if you need an Imaginary Preservation character that will serve as one of your shielders, as well as Jingliu (Ice Destruction) who could serve as your DPS Ice character if you’re lacking one.

Honestly, I have been wondering about this since hearing Acheron would be available as a playable character. I have enough Lightning characters that would help me clear content in the game; I even have the Kafka-Black Swan duo as one of my main teams. However, I am currently lacking Imaginary and Ice characters, so it’s even harder to choose, as I would love to get Aventurine or Jingliu as well.

Yes, pull for Acheron if you love her character, personality, and lore, love her kit and skills, lack a Lightning DPS, or just want her on your team.

There will be a lot of free pulls and Stellar Jades in the next update due to Honkai: Star Rail’s first anniversary coming up. There would be plenty of time to save up and around 20 days to decide if you want to pull for Acheron.

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