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Boothill is an upcoming 5-star Physical Hunt character in Honkai: Star Rail. Here are the leaks, kit, and everything known about him so far!

Boothill emerges as a striking 5-star Physical Hunt character set to debut in Honkai: Star Rail‘s 2.2 update. This cyborg cowboy, a blend of relentless optimism and unbridled spirit, is a force of revenge against the Interastral Peace Corporation. A member of the Galaxy Rangers, his flamboyant actions hint at a deeper narrative, making him a compelling addition to the game’s roster.

Here is the information on Boothill’s kit and skills, materials, eidolons, traces, and more:

Boothill Release Date

There is currently no announced release date for Boothill, but he is set to appear in the 2.2 update of Honkai: Star Rail.

Boothill Drip Marketing

Boothill Leveling Materials

According to HomDGCat and Honey Hunter, here are Boothill’s leveling materials:

  • Tatters of Thought x56
  • Fragments of Impressions x71
  • Shards of Desires x73

The materials below are available in 2.2 update:

  • IPC Work Permit x65
  • Meteoric Bullet x18
  • Destined Expiration x69
  • Countertemporal Shot x139
  • Boss Materials x12

Boothill Splash Art

Boothill Kit and Skills

Based on HomDGCat and Honey Hunter, here is the kit description of Boothill:


Basic Attack: Skullcrush Spurs

Deals Physical DMG equal to X of Boothill’s ATK to a single enemy.

Toughness Break: Single: 30
Energy Regeneration: 20


Enhanced Basic Attack: Fanning the Hammer

Deals Physical DMG equal to X (X) of Boothill’s ATK to a single enemy target.

Fanning the Hammer cannot recover Skill Points, and can only target the enemy currently with Standoff.

Toughness Break : Single: 60 / Blast : 30
Energy Regeneration : 30


Skill: Sizzlin’ Tango

Make a targeted enemy and Boothill enter the Standoff state. Boothill’s Basic ATK becomes Enhanced, and he cannot use his Skill, lasting for 2 turn(s). The remaining turn count reduces by 1 at the start of Boothill’s turn.

The enemy target in Standoff becomes Taunted. When the enemy target/Boothill receives an attack from the other, the DMG they receive increases by X (X)/X.

After this target is defeated or becomes Weakness Broken, Boothill obtains 1 stack of Pocket Trickshot, then dispels Standoff.

This Skill cannot regenerate Energy. This turn will not end after using this Skill.

Skill Point use: 1
Toughness Break: 0
Energy Regeneration: 0


Ultimate: Dust Devil’s Sunset Rodeo

Apply Physical Weakness to a target enemy, lasting for 2 turn(s). Deals Physical DMG equal to X (X) of Boothill’s ATK to the target and delays their action by X (X)

Toughness Break: Single: 90
Energy Regeneration: 5

Boothill: Leaks, Kit & everything we know | Honkai: Star Rail 1

Talent: Five Peas in a Pod

Every stack of Pocket Trickshot increases the Enhanced Basic Attack’s Toughness-Reducing DMG by 50%, stacking up to 3 stacks.

If the target is Weakness Broken when the Enhanced Basic Attack is used, for every stack of Pocket Trickshot, deals Break DMG to this target equal to 35% (X)/X (150%)/X (X) of Boothill’s Physical Break DMG. The max Toughness taken into account by this attack cannot exceed x16 times of the base Toughness-Reducing DMG dealt by the Basic Attack “Skullcrush Spurs.”

After winning the battle, Boothill can retain Pocket Trickshot for the next battle

Toughness Break: 0
Energy Regenation:0


Technique: 3-9× Smile

After the Technique is used, when using the Skill for the first time in the next battle, add Physical Weakness equal to that applied by the Ultimate to the target, lasting for 2 turn (s).

Toughness Break: Single: 60
Energy Regenation:0

Boothill Traces and Eidolons

The Traces and Eidolon description of Boothill below are from HomDGCat and Honey Hunter:



Trace 1: Ghost Load

Requires Character Ascension 2

Increase this character’s CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG. The amount increased is equal to X / X of Break Effect. CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG can be increased by a max of X / X.


Trace 2: Above Snakes

Requires Character Ascension 4

Decreases the DMG this character receives from targets not in Standoff by X.


Trace 3: Point Blank

Requires Character Ascension 6

When Pocket Trickshot is obtained via the Talent, regenerates 10 Energy. This effect will also be triggered when obtaining Pocket Trickshot stacks that exceed the max.



Eidolon 1: Dusty Trail’s Lone Star

At the start of battle, obtain 1 stack of Pocket Trickshot, allowing Boothill to deal DMG that ignores 16% of enemy target’s DEF.


Eidolon 2: Milestonemonger

When Pocket Trickshot is obtained via the Talent, regenerates 1 Skill Point(s) and increases Break Effect by 30%, lasting for 2 turn(s). This effect will be triggered up to 1 time(s) every turn, and will also be triggered when obtaining Pocket Trickshot stacks that exceed the max.


Eidolon 3: Marble Orchard’s Guard

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.


Eidolon 4: Cold Cuts Chef

When the enemy target in Standoff is attacked by Boothill, the DMG they receive increases by 12%. When Boothill is attacked by the enemy target in Standoff, the effect of receiving more DMG is reduced by 12% on him.


Eidolon 5: Stump Speech

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.


Eidolon 6: Crowbar Hotel’s Raccoon

When triggering the Talent’s Break DMG, additionally deals Break DMG to the target equal to 40% of the original DMG multiplier and deals Break DMG to adjacent targets equal to 70% of the original DMG multiplier

Boothill Animations

Here is Boothill’s animation based on leaks via Dim. The video includes Boothill’s overworld and in-battle animations:

Boothill Signature Light Cone

Dim has leaked Boothill’s Signature Light Cone, “Sailing Towards A Second Life.” This includes stats, effects, story, and illustration.


  • HP: 1058
  • ATK: 582
  • DEF: 463

Light Cone effect: Rough Water

Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 60% (100%) and Break DMG dealt by the wearer ignores 20% (32%) of the target’s DEF. When the wearer’s Break Effect in battle is at 150% or greater, increase their SPD by 12% (20%).

Story (via Honey Hunter):

A cyborg cowboy drifting among the stars. Extremely optimistic and unrestrained.
He is a member of the Galaxy Rangers who swore to punish the wretched by any and all means…
His flamboyant and brash actions were all to draw the attention of the Interastral Peace Corporation — the target of his revenge.

As the galaxy braces for the arrival of Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail’s 2.2 update, players eagerly anticipate integrating this unique character into their line-ups. With a comprehensive breakdown of his skills, materials, and potential impact on gameplay strategies, Boothill is poised to become a cornerstone for many adventurers looking to enhance their experience.

That’s all we know about Boothill, so keep updated when new information comes out!

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