Is Jingliu worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail?


Deciding whether to pull Jingliu for your roster in Honkai: Star Rail? Here’s what you need to know about Jingliu.

Jingliu, a character shrouded in mystery and power, has caught the eye of many Honkai: Star Rail players. She will appear alongside Aventurine during the second phase of version 2.1, alongside new eventsbannersanniversary rewards, and other characters like Acheron and Gallagher, which are coming in the first phase of 2.1. But the question remains: Is Jingliu worth investing in your in-game currency?

How good is Jingliu as a playable character?

Is Jingliu worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail? 1
Jingliu full team set up (Level Push)

Jingliu is currently a top-tier character in Honkai: Star Rail who excels in both single-target and multi-target scenarios. Her role as either a primary DPS or in a dual DPS machinery showcases her versatility. Teaming her with Harmony supports, especially Bronya, transforms Jingliu into an unstoppable force, accentuating her attack frequency and magnifying her damage to monstrous levels.

Considering that Jingliu is an SP (Skill Point) positive unit, meaning she consumes less SP, she deals a lot of damage, which is good as many DPS currently in the game are SP-negative.

What truly sets Jingliu apart is her Spectral Transmigration state. This unique ability not only buffs her damage but also requires her to sacrifice a bit of her teammates’ HP without using any SP. While this may sound daunting, it buffs Jingliu, and as long as you have a healer in your team, then there is nothing to worry about, as any enemy she faces is sure to be dead with her current power.

Do I Need Jingliu’s Signature Light Cone?

Jingliu’s signature gear undeniably elevates her capabilities to their peak. However, I’ve navigated countless battles with her using alternative Light Cones and can attest to her still being a formidable force. Whether it’s the freely acquired “On the Fall of an Aeon” from the Herta Shop or the 4-star “Under the Blue Sky” and “A Secret Vow,” Jingliu remains a behemoth on the battlefield. These alternatives affirm her adaptability and offer players flexibility in gearing her for combat.

I personally use A Secret Vow, and she still hits hard, helping me clear any content that I face. I will say it is not required to pull for her Light Cone, but it definitely will boost her damage even more, so if you have any spare Stellar Jades and don’t plan to pull for anyone else, it is nice to have.

Is Jingliu worth pulling for?

Jingliu stats as F2P (Level Push)

I have had Jingliu since her release, and she has proven to be an invaluable asset. Her ability to adapt and excel in single-target and AoE scenarios makes her a prime candidate for any player considering their next pull. So yes, based on my experience with her, Jingliu is a must-pull for me! Jingliu’s inherent strengths allow her to serve as a hyper-carry even without her signature Light Cone and at E0, making her a compelling addition to any roster looking for a significant power boost.

Compared to other Ice DPS units, Jingliu is the top pick for many as she performs really well I have cleared lots of content using her and I don’t think I’ll be benching my Jingliu any time sooner. She is just that good of a unit that I recommend players to pull for.

Jingliu’s versatility extends beyond her damage capabilities, embodying strategic depth that can transform any team composition. Her synergy with various characters, especially Bronya, elevates her role from a simple DPS to a strategic cornerstone capable of guiding any team to victory.

As for her supports, even if you don’t have Bronya, you can use Pela, Sparkle, or Tingyun. These are both excellent supports for Jingliu, so don’t think you need Bronya before you can use her.

She mostly requires CRIT DMG for her build, as she already has an innate 50% CRIT RATE (Level 10 Talent) when she is in her Spectral Transmigration state. So, she is not that hard to build. You can use 2-piece sets if you need a good 4-pc Hunter of Glacial Forest (Relic set of Ice Units), and she will still be perfect as long as you build her the right stats.

Jingliu Damage Showcase

I’m an F2P player with my Jingliu at E0 and A Secret Vow as Superimposition 3. This is how Jingliu does in a team setup with some of her best supports:

Jingliu F2P Damage Showcase (Level Push)

Jingliu is not just a character in Honkai: Star Rail; she is a phenomenon that embodies the essence of strategic gameplay and brute force. Her complex mechanics and formidable damage output affirm her status as a top-tier character capable of altering any battle’s course. Jingliu offers more than just strength; she provides a depth of gameplay that enriches your strategic repertoire, making her a worthy addition to any team.

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