Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 1

Unlock the capabilities of the new Honkai: Star Rail 4-Star character Misha by following this detailed Misha build guide!

Our Honkai: Star Rail comprehensive build guide for Misha will allow you to equip him with the best Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons, and Team Composition, which would optimize his kit.

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Misha is the lovely bellboy of The Reverie Hotel and is one of the newest additions to the 4-Star characters in Honkai: Star Rail. He is a Destruction Ice character with the potential as a Main DPS or Sub-DPS, depending on the team composition.

This guide will explore the various Light Cones, Relics, Traces, and Eidolons which would optimize Misha’s performance in the party. This would also give you an idea on who you could pair him up with in a team composition.

Best Light Cones for Misha

Misha is a Destruction Ice character with potential as either a Main DPS or a Sub-DPS, depending on the utilization of the player. With that, here are the recommendations for 5-Star and 4-Star Light Cones for Misha:

Best 5-Star Light Cones for Misha

Best misha build light cone

On the Fall of an Aeon

The best 5-Star Light Cone option for Misha is the “On the Fall of an Aeon” which increases their ATK by a percentage up to 4 times. This basically increases Misha’s damage and it’s quite easy to reach the full stack.

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 2

Something Irreplaceable

Another 5-Star Light Cone recommended is the “Something Irreplaceable. ” This Light Cone would increase Misha’s ATK. It also brings some sustainability, as it restores HP when he defeats an enemy or is hit. At the same time, it also increases DMG by a percentage until the end of his turn.

Best 4-Star Light Cones for Misha

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 3

The Moles Welcome You

The best 4-Star Light Cone available for Misha is “The Moles Welcome You” which adds one stack of Mischievous per Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate used. These stacks increases Misha’s ATK by a percentage.

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 4

Indelible Promise

The Light Cone “Indelible Promise” which features Misha is also a good option. This increases his Break Effect and whenever he uses his ultimate, his CRIT Rate also increases for 2 turns.

Best Relics for Misha

The best cavern relic set for Misha would be the “Hunter of Glacial Forest” 4 piece. The majority of Trailblazers would most likely have farmed this beforehand, as it has been available since the start of the game. This would increase Misha’s Ice DMG, as well as increase his CRIT DMG whenever he uses his Ultimate for 2 turns. The planar ornament to pair this with is the “Firmament Frontline: Glamoth” 2 piece set. This increases ATK by 12%, and when Misha’s SPD is at 135/160, he would deal 12%/18% more DMG.

If you are starting from scratch, it is worth taking a look at “Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters” 4 piece set. This would be most favorable if you have a debuffer in your team, however. This set would increase Misha’s DMG to enemies with debuff by 12%. It would also increase his CRIT Rate by 4%, and deals 8%/12% increased CRIT DMG to enemies with 2/3 debuffs.

A transitional build would be a “Hunter of Glacial Forest” 2 piece set along with “Messenger of Traversing Hackerspace” 2 piece set. This would increase his Ice DMG as well as his SPD. The alternative for the planar ornament is the “Space Sealing Station” 2 piece set, which increases ATK by 12% and an extra 12% is added to ATK when SPD reaches 120 or higher.

The ideal main stats for Misha’s relics and planar ornaments would be:

RelicsMain Stats
Planar SphereIce DMG Boost
Link RopeATK / Energy Regeneration Rate

As for the sub-stats, it’s best to get the following: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, SPD, Effect Hit Rate, then ATK%. This makes sure that Misha is doing the most damage he can do which makes him suitable as a Main DPS or Sub-DPS.

Optimal Trace Levels for Misha

Trailblazers should mainly have the Trace Level for Misha’s Talent, Ultimate, and Skill at Level 8. If you have the resources, you may also choose to level up his Basic ATK.

Best Eidolons for Misha

These are the must-have Eidolons which Trailblazers could aim for if they are pulling for multiple Misha:

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 5

E1 – When Misha uses his ultimate, gains 1 additional Hit Per Action for each enemy present on the field, with a maximum increase of 5 hits.

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 6

E2 – Before the hits of the Ultimate lands, there is a chance of reducing the enemy’s DEF for 3 turns.

Best Misha Build in Honkai: Star Rail: Light Cones, Relics, Traces, Eidolons & Team Comp 7

E6 – This increases Misha’s DMG by 30% when he uses his Ultimate which lasts until the end of the turn. It also recovers 1 Skill Point when the Skill is used.

Best Team Compositions for Misha

Trailblazers may choose to play Misha as the Main DPS of their party or as a Sub-DPS. Misha is great when it comes to AoE since his Skill does Ice DMG to the primary enemy and does minor Ice DMG to the adjacent ones. Using the Skill also increases the Hits of his Ultimate.

Misha Main DPS Team Comp

Pela / Silver WolfDebuffer / Sub-DPS
Ruan Mei / Hanya / Asta / BronyaSupport
Huohuo / Fu Xuan / Bailu / LynxSustain

Misha Sub-DPS Team Comp

Jing Liu / Inhibitor Lunae / QingqueMain DPS
Ruan Mei / Hanya / Pela Support
Gepard / Lynx / Huohuo / Luocha / Fu XuanSustain

It is ultimately up to the player whether they want to utilize Misha as their Main DPS or as their Sub-DPS. He is a great character, especially when you have a limited number of Ice damagers.

In conclusion, building Misha is all about choosing the best Light Cone and Relics to use. It’s also great to have the bonus stats that he gets from the Eidolons if you’re able to acquire them. Besides that, you may unlock his best damage by pairing him with good support characters such as Ruan Mei.

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