Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush reportedly joining Starfield in PlayStation 5 lineup 1

Two of Microsoft’s Xbox-exclusive games could soon be available for the PlayStation 5 and other gaming platforms alongside Bethesda’s Starfield.

A tweet from Twitter user @JezCorden recently mentioned that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves could join fellow Xbox-exclusive game Starfield to become available on the PS5. They also believe that Microsoft’s choices led to this outcome; the company wants to “build healthier margins and cash flow using Sony’s install base, to then reinvest in growing the Xbox ecosystem [with] that money.”

While only time can tell if JezCorden’s opinion rings true, it seems consistent with what Microsoft plans for the console. A report from The Verge mentioned that Microsoft is seemingly considering making certain Xbox-exclusive games available on other platforms – a hotly debated move within the company.

However, JezCorden believes its current strategy with Xbox-exclusive games is not making the company enough money, forcing it to make some Xbox exclusives available on other platforms.

Microsoft’s decision on its Xbox-exclusive games, as well as its hiding of Xbox console sales, seem to indicate that the company is getting more comfortable with the idea of becoming a third-party publisher like EA. This sentiment could be seen with Microsoft buying game developers like Bethesda and having it make games available on other platforms instead of Xbox exclusives. 

Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush reportedly joining Starfield in PlayStation 5 lineup 2
A picture of Xbox head Phil Spencer. Photo Credit: Microsoft

Incidentally, Xbox head Phil Spencer mentioned that people should look at the number of subscribers a company has to a service like the Xbox Game Pass and the number of games people buy instead of the number of consoles a company has sold to measure its business’ health. 

Spencer is aware that Xbox can’t “out-console” Sony and Nintendo, with the Xbox playing catch-up to their respective game consoles, per their interview with Kinda Funny Games. Instead, Microsoft and Spencer seem to plan on overtaking the two through profits earned using other methods in the gaming industry, such as the Xbox Game Pass and its cloud gaming feature – an appealing feature to the mobile market.

Only time will tell if Microsoft will give up on the Xbox to focus on being a publisher and focus on its Xbox Game Pass and mobile market. Regardless, Starfield becoming accessible on other gaming platforms will undoubtedly create revenue for Microsoft and Bethesda, with Starfield being one of the biggest game releases in 2023.

The date of Starfield’s speculated release on the PS5 is still unknown as of press time. However, people who talked to XboxEra revealed that the game could be playable on the PS5 sometime after the release of Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion. 

Although the same is true for Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush’s case, there is no rumor about their release on the PS5 and other gaming consoles as of press time.

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