Clash of Clans introduces new “meta-changing” spell for Town Hall 12

Clash of Clans introduces new "meta-changing" spell for Town Hall 12 1

Super Cell previews a new Clash of Clans Dark Spell for players with Town Hall 12 and up, and fans believe it will drastically alter attack strategies for higher-tier players. 

Clash of Clans has proved itself strong by staying relevant in the highly competitive mobile game scene after 12 years. Super Cell always finds ways to keep you reeled in, whether you’re a returning player or a long-time dedicated leader to your village. 

Besides introducing new game modes and villages to manage, Clash of Clans also features new Town Hall upgrades, troops, and even defensive towers in updates! Some of the most recent additions include the nature-themed Town Hall 16 and the “overpowered” Root Rider troop. 

Super Cell recently teased its February 2024 update featuring collector upgrades, new troop levels, and, most notably, a new level of the Dark Spell Factory. The Level 6 upgrade of the Dark Spell Factory features the new Overgrowth Spell, which is available for players with Town Hall 12 and above. 

Clash of Clans introduces new "meta-changing" spell for Town Hall 12 2
Clash of Clans February 2024 Update (Clash Ninja)

Clash of Clans players excited for new Overgrowth Spell

The latest spell addition features a new mechanic to the game. While most players are used to damaging spells like Earthquake, Lightning, or Bat Spells, this potion is an alternative to the Freeze spell that immobilizes defense towers and helps your troops have longer staying power. 

Overgrowth roots and ensnares buildings in its range, freezing the defenses and stopping them from damaging your troops. But what makes it “overpowered” is that your forces will completely disregard the structures it ensnares, enabling a whole new way to funnel your troops. 

One of the skills higher-level CoC players have mastered is the art of funneling. Funneling in Clash of Clans means having your troops target key buildings to avoid your attack team straying away from the enemy Town Hall or other heavy defenses. 

Some Clash of Clans players note that the spell is OP due to its massive range, meaning your units can walk past a whole defense section of an enemy base with this potion. And with its 22-second duration in level 1, the Overgrowth Spell will surely make its way to the newest attacking strategies in the game. 

Supercell has yet to announce the date of the upcoming update on the Clash of Clans. For now, CoC players still have time to prepare for the meta shift with new attack strategies and update their villages to fend off Overgrowth attacks.

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