Wuthering Waves fans call for rethink on pity system “downgrade”


Wuthering Waves, the much-anticipated game by Kuro Game, faces criticism for its pity system in the latest Closed Beta Test.

Wuthering Waves is gaining traction as an upcoming open-world role-playing game developed by Guangzhou Kuro Technology. Known for its engaging narrative, vast exploration opportunities, and versatile combat system, the game’s Closed Beta Test II (CBT2) recently offered a closer look at what players can expect upon release.

However, the focus of much discussion has been the game’s Modulation gacha system, which came under scrutiny during the Closed Beta Test 2 (CBT 2). Players were taken aback by how obtaining a 5-Star character resets the pity counter for 4-Star characters, a departure from similar systems in other popular gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

This revelation has sparked a debate within the Wuthering Waves community, with players sharing their thoughts and concerns on various platforms. 

One player noted, “5-Stars reset the 4-Star pity,” highlighting a difference from expectations set by similar games.

They added, “I hope they change this because they took over Hoyoverse’s gacha with positive changes, and it would be sad to see the 4* pity system feeling worse.”

The feedback ranges from hopeful for a system overhaul to suggestions for improvements, such as allowing players to select the 4-Star character they wish to obtain. Comparisons to other games’ systems were inevitable, with one player calling it a “pure downgrade” from Genshin Impact.

Despite the critique, some players speculate the system might be intentional, with one mentioning that every ten Modulations will be either a 5-star or a 4-star on the event page so this one might be intended.

Wuthering Waves Modulation (Games Fuze)

As the discussion unfolded, additional comments from the community further emphasized the widespread concern. Players highlighted their desire for a more player-friendly system, expressing frustration over the increased difficulty in obtaining desired 4-star characters due to the reset mechanism, and they are hoping that players in CBT2 will complain about this. 

Amidst the feedback, there’s a shared sentiment that the development team might need to consider these player reactions seriously. The discussion is not just about the mechanics but about ensuring that the excitement and engagement of the player base are maintained.

As Wuthering Waves continues to evolve, the developers have an opportunity to address these concerns, potentially refining the gacha system to better align with player expectations and enhance the overall gaming experience. With the game still in development, there’s room for adjustments that could lead to a more satisfying balance between challenge and reward.

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