AFK Journey records millions in revenue just days after launch


AFK Journey, the latest Ethereal Fantasy RPG, has already garnered millions in revenue days following its official launch.

Launched by Farlight on March 27, 2024, AFK Journey quickly captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide with its enchanting world of Esperia. This Ethereal Fantasy RPG immerses players in a narrative where they guide heroes across magical landscapes, from the radiant fields of Golden Wheatshire to the shadowy depths of the Dark Forest.

At launch, AFK Journey offered all heroes, including Epics, and more than 200 pulls for free. This generous strategy contributed to the gaming community’s early positive reception and engagement.

Adding to the allure is the game’s commitment to ease of play; resources can be effortlessly gathered through its auto-battle and AFK features, allowing for continuous progression even when players are not actively engaged.

AFK Journey records millions in revenue just days after launch 1
AFK Journey March 2024 revenue (Gacha Revenue)

Just four days into its launch, AFK Journey has already achieved more than one million downloads and generated a staggering $2.2 million in mobile revenue, per estimates from Sensor Tower and shared by Gacha Revenue.

A contributing factor to AFK Journey’s success is its availability on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC, with seamless cross-platform play. This inclusivity ensures players enjoy their journey through Esperia regardless of their device preference, enhancing the game’s accessibility and community engagement.

Adding to its accolades, AFK Journey is highly rated across different platforms and celebrated for its art, music, and gameplay, which continuously captivate players in this enchanting world. This recognition not only underlines the game’s success but also marks another achievement for the developers. The high ratings reflect the quality of the game’s engaging content, user-friendly design, and the compelling world of Esperia that keeps players immersed for hours.

AFK Journey fosters a vibrant community through special events like the Primal Lord and Labyrinth Quest events. These events offer additional challenges and rewards and serve as a platform for community engagement and competitive play, making the game more than just a solo adventure.

Players of AFK Journey are generously rewarded for their adventures and achievements within the game. By participating in various game modes, such as the AFK Challenge, Arena, Dream Realm, Arcane Labyrinth, and Legend Trial mode, players can obtain over 70 free pulls and valuable diamond resources.

This remarkable revenue achievement just days after launch highlights the game’s broad appeal and the gaming community’s enthusiastic response, making AFK Journey a game to watch in the coming months.

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