Terraria devs tease update 1.4.5 delay after cheering on Stardew Valley’s milestone

Terraria and Stardew Valley

After congratulating Stardew Valley on its milestone, Terraria’s developer team has hinted at the possible release delay of the 1.4.5 update.

Terraria is a side-scrolling sandbox game developed by Re-Logic and was released in 2011 for PC. In the succeeding years, the game became available on other platforms, such as PlayStation, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

The game has been around for a long time, but the developers continuously look for ways to improve it, such as improving its quality of life and introducing balance changes. This also includes updates to the item sprites and fixing any major and minor bugs.

As Stardew Valley’s developer, ConcernedApe announced the release date of its upcoming 1.6 update for PC, the Terraria dev team congratulated them on this feat. Cenx, Re-Logic’s Vice President and the game’s producer stated that the game’s 1.4.5 update would again be “delayed.”

The developers announced that Terraria x Dead Cells would have a crossover in 2022, parts of which would be included in the 1.4.5 release. They then released a “State of the Game” post on Steam in October 2023, stating they were eyeing a 2024 release for the update.

They shared their mantra for updates, that they would be “done when they are done.” They requested the fans to wait for the 1.4.5 update a bit longer and that it would be worth it.

A Reddit user shared that their friend theorized that Stardew Valley and Terraria would receive their respective updates simultaneously, but it seems unlikely due to the tweet. They also expressed that they loved the interaction between the developers.

Terraria x Dead Cells
The Terraria Guide using a Starfury in Dead Cells (YouTube)

While many players enjoyed the wholesome interaction between the developers, some hoped the update delay was just banter from the Terraria dev.

Terraria has been well-received over the years, and the team continuously brings updates despite being over ten years old. In 2019, Redigit and Cenx hinted at making a successor for the game, but there haven’t been any updates since then. Stay tuned for more updates and for Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update coming soon!

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