Helldivers 2 players demand answers as Super Credits disappear into thin air

Helldivers 2 players demand answers as Super Credits disappear into thin air 1

Helldivers 2 players grappling with the sudden disappearance of their Super Credits are demanding answers from the game’s developer.

Helldivers 2, a squad-based shooter set in an intergalactic struggle, has captured the hearts of many with its dynamic gameplay and cooperative missions.

Despite its successful launch and increasing popularity, a new issue has emerged that’s causing unrest among its players.

Recently, an alarming number of players have reported that their Super Credits, a premium in-game currency, are vanishing without a trace.

Helldivers 2 players demand answers as Super Credits disappear into thin air 2
Helldivers 2 gameplay (Arrowhead Game Studios)

The issue has sparked a wave of concern across various platforms, including Steam forums, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord, with players demanding answers.

Super Credits, essential for purchasing in-game items and cosmetics, are disappearing from player accounts, sometimes immediately after purchase. This problem is particularly distressing for those who have invested real money into acquiring these credits.

Players have detailed their experiences, sharing that despite attempting various fixes like restarting, reinstalling, or even buying more credits in hopes of triggering a sync, their Super Credits remain missing.

The frustration is palpable, as summarized by a player’s support ticket in the game’s official Discord: “Purchased 2100 Super Credits. Bought the ‘Breaker’ armor and Helmet, played one game, and now have zero super credits.”

“Support doesn’t even acknowledge emails. Took my money and laughed in my face apparently,” laments another player on the Helldivers 2 Steam forums, echoing the sentiment of many facing this issue.

At the time of writing, many Helldivers 2 players are submitting support tickets regarding their missing Super Credits in the game’s official Discord server.

Updated on February 26:

Helldivers 2 has officially addressed the issue of missing Super Credits.

We have discovered the likely cause for some players not being able to access their Super Credits after purchasing and then rebooting the game. Your credits are there, but due to filtering issues in our system, they are not displaying correctly.

Those affected include:

  • Players purchasing Super Credits on PSN
  • Players purchasing the Steeled Veterans Warbond with Super Credits on both PS5 and PC.
  • We are working on a patch to solve this issue and we will update you when the fix is live.


  1. I purchased the 2100sc pack ($29.95AUD), updated the game and went back in only to find zero super credits. Now all earned credits each play session since also return to zero.

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