Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1

The recent launch of Modern Warfare’s second season has brought with it a slew of new details regarding its long-rumored Battle Royale mode.

Rumors started to gain traction months ago with the game’s launch, as some of the Spec Ops missions had players jumping out of airplanes onto a giant, contiguous map. It was also seen as rather conspicuous that a lot of the game’s Ground War maps clearly have other maps that can be seen out in the distance, indicating that they all make up one huge Battle Royale style arena.

That brings us to the launch of Season Two. Once the hefty update is downloaded, players are greeted with an intro cinematic which blatantly teases certain Battle Royale game mechanics. The movie has Wyatt uttering the phrase, “gas is closing in” and “we need to exfil now.” The gas, of course, indicates the circle that closes in on players as a Battle Royale match plays out. The camera eventually zooms out slowly, revealing a sprawling, chaos-filled environment as a squad of four jumps out the back of an airplane. An ominous ring of gas can be seen in the distance.

Once the movie is finished, there’s a “Classified” menu option right in the center of the game’s main menu. Furthermore, earlier this week, a Reddit user posted an image bearing key art for something called  “Call of Duty: Warzone.” It now appears to be legitimate since Activision had the image removed, citing copyright infringement. So this indeed could be what that secretive menu option leads to.   

If that isn’t enough, CharlieIntel reported this morning that someone on Reddit was able to glitch their way into a Warzone lobby. The lobby menu options consisted of a Training mode, Operators, a Barracks, and a way to customize “Drop Kits.”

With all these things considered, it could be just a matter of time before Infinity Ward finally confirms the long-awaited mode.  

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