How to Fix Common Startup Errors in Modern Warfare 3: Guide 1

Anticipation is high for the Modern Warfare 3 beta, but encountering startup errors can be a dampener. If you’re facing issues like the game crashing shortly after the intro or seeing specific error codes, we’ve got the solutions to get you back in the game.

How to Resolve Common Startup Errors in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Identify the Error:
    • If you see error codes like “0xc0000005(0) N” or “0x00001338(11960) N,” follow the steps below.
  2. Reset In-Game Settings:
    • Open your File Explorer and navigate to Documents (or C:\Users<YourUsername>\Documents).
    • Locate the “Call of Duty” folder and either rename it, delete it, or move it to another location. This action will reset all in-game settings and key binds.
    • Relaunch the game. Most of the time, this should resolve the issue.
  3. Force the Game to Run in High Priority Mode:
    • If the game still crashes, you can force it to run in high priority mode using a registry change.
    • Copy the registry code provided in the video description.
    • Open Notepad, paste the code, and save the file with a “.reg” extension (e.g., “CoDFix.reg”).
    • Double-click the saved “.reg” file and click “Yes” when prompted.
    • Relaunch the game, and it should run smoothly.
  4. Revert to Previous Settings (Optional):
    • If you wish to revert to your previous settings, rename the “Call of Duty” folder back to its original name and check if the game still starts properly.

Startup errors can be frustrating, but with the right solutions, they’re just temporary setbacks. Now that you’ve tackled these common issues, it’s time to dive into the intense combats of Modern Warfare 3. For more troubleshooting tips and game guides, check out our other articles.

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