Nadeshot warns Call of Duty doomed to be “infested with cheaters” without anti-cheat fix

Nadeshot warns Call of Duty doomed to be "infested with cheaters" without anti-cheat fix 1

100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot has issued a dire warning for the future of Call of Duty amidst a rampant cheating crisis.

Call of Duty, a cornerstone of the esports and competitive gaming community, finds itself at a critical juncture. An undercover operation recently revealed a disconcerting truth about the game’s competitive scene, showing a significant cheating problem among its top players.

The crisis came into focus after a user named NukeJesus exposed what could be close to 60% of top-ranked Call of Duty players for cheating.

This revelation has spurred various reactions across the community, with Nadeshot, a prominent figure and retired professional player, voicing his concerns loudly on social media.

Nadeshot’s take on the situation is grim, suggesting that without significant action from Activision, the game could remain a cheater’s paradise.

“Bad news, gentlemen. We’re all f***ed,” Nadeshot wrote. “Barring some divine intervention from Activision or man up top himself, Call of Duty is going to be infested with cheaters for the foreseeable future. Good luck boys and stay safe, god speed.”

The undercover operation, conducted over three years by NukeJesus, involved infiltrating secretive Discord servers where cheats were openly discussed and distributed. The findings, detailed in a 33-minute YouTube video, suggest that even with anti-cheat systems like Ricochet in place, hackers have found ways to bypass these defenses and climb the ranks undetected.

Quotes from the video highlight the severity of the issue, with one stating, “Cheaters, hackers are not getting banned. They’re climbing the ranks to the very top, and Activision isn’t detecting that these things are happening.”

Another quote emphasizes the difficulty for legitimate players to compete, saying, “Reaching the top 250 as a legitimate player, unless you are an actual pro, is impossible because there are way too many hackers getting up there.”

The community’s reaction has been a mix of anger and calls for drastic measures, including legal penalties for cheating and requiring ID verification for players. Nadeshot’s response to these suggestions is supportive, humorously advocating for severe consequences for cheaters.

As the situation unfolds, Nadeshot’s call for a “reset” by Activision reflects a broader desire for fair play and integrity within the Call of Duty community. His comments resonate with many who yearn for a competitive environment where skill and strategy prevail over deceit and manipulation.

The community awaits Activision’s response, hoping for a resolution that restores the game’s integrity and competitive spirit.

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