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The high ELO community of League of Legends is facing an unprecedented surge in scripting, raising serious concerns about the integrity of high-level play.

Scripting in League of Legends allows players to automate certain aspects of gameplay, such as dodging skill shots or optimizing ability usage, significantly reducing the skill required to play effectively. This not only undermines the competitive nature of the game but also demoralizes players who invest time and effort into honing their skills.

And now, it appears that high ELO play, in particular, is being plagued by rampant scripting, as Kerberos, a top laner on EU West, highlighted the severity of this issue.

“EUW Highelo is completely infested with scripters,” Kerberos tweeted. “They also have a new ‘lobby crash’ exploit that crashes the lobby last second but doesn’t count as a dodge. In the last day, I’ve had a scripter in HALF my games, and at least 20 lobby crashes. Riot really needs to do something idk.”

The “Lobby Crash” tool, as explained by a scripter who joined Kerberos’ Twitch chat, enables cheaters to crash the game lobby without facing any penalties, such as lost LP (League Points) or time delays. This exploit is particularly alarming because it suggests a deeper vulnerability in the game’s client system.

In a stream clip, Kerberos showcased a conversation with a scripter who explained the workings of the Lobby Crash tool. “I just have to lock in a champ and click crash, and it does it all. It only crashes it at the end. It’ll send me to a custom game,” the scripter revealed.

The scripter also admitted to having played over 2,100 games last season while using scripts and was never banned.

This surge in scripting is not just a nuisance but a significant threat to the competitive integrity of League of Legends. High ELO players, including professionals who rely on the game for their livelihood, are forced to compete in an environment riddled with unfair practices.

The community’s outcry is a desperate call for Riot Games to address this issue urgently. As scripting and exploits like the Lobby Crash tool become more sophisticated, the need for robust countermeasures is more critical than ever.

The game’s competitive balance and reputation are at stake, and the community’s trust in Riot’s ability to maintain a fair playing field is being tested.

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