League of Legends fans call out Illaoi’s “broken design” as “worst” state yet

League of Legends fans call out Illaoi's "broken design" as "worst" state yet 1

League of Legends fans are furious about Illaoi’s seemingly “broken” design.

League of Legends is a shining example of a great competitive game worthy of being regarded as one of the top eSports games ever.

However, League of Legends is still a game that’s far from perfect, and sometimes certain champions in the game are in need of a major revamp.

One player has taken to Reddit to complain about the champion Illaoi’s “fundamentally broken” design in the game.

“The spread between completely unplayable matchup and effectively unlosable is insane, and it’s all because Riot refuses to take the time to address her fundamentally broken design,” the player shared.

The user’s post garnered the attention of many other players who are frustrated with playing against Illaoi. like this user who stated

“Playing against her is insanely unfun, to the point that she’s been a perma-dodge (my ban is Jax) for the last 2 years for me,” one player stated.

Others are annoyed at the champion being difficult to use depending on the team compositions, as one player shared, “I’ve never played a champion that can feel so s***ty based on enemy team comp.”

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One user, however, is at least trying to see Illaoi and her playstyle design in a better light. “The idea that she’s ‘a free win’ into melee champs is straight nonsense. She takes skill and knowledge to beat, but a lot of top laners are like that,” they stated, suggesting that it still all boils down to a player’s skill.

League of Legends may be a game far from what you can consider the perfect competitive game, but its devs are still actively pushing new updates and content to keep the game fresh, fun, and fair.

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