Genshin Impact reveals Arlecchino’s killer high heels hidden from EN drip marketing


Genshin Impact’s Japanese marketing unveiled Arlecchino’s striking high heels, which sparked intense discussions among players captivated by her design.

Genshin Impact continues captivating players with its anime-style open-world environment and engaging elemental combat system. Since its launch, the game has regularly expanded its universe through updates, introducing new characters that keep the community buzzing and reflect the players’ influence on the game’s development.

Arlecchino, first glimpsed in the “A Winter Night’s Lazzo” teaser in July 2022, stood out with her unique design, instantly winning the hearts of fans. The community has been eagerly counting down the days to her playable debut, a moment that is just on the horizon for many players.

The spotlight on Arlecchino intensified with the Genshin Impact JP (Japanese) promotional materials, which showcased a full body portrait and her distinctively designed high heels, a detail not highlighted in the English (EN) drip marketing efforts. 

This roughly translates to:

【Character introduction】 Arlecchino – the head of the “House of the Hearth,'” the evil moon of the dawn. The freezing wind whispers in her ear. It was like a joyful laugh, and it was also like a voice saying goodbye.

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Arlecchino’s design has sparked diverse opinions on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Some players admire the heels, describing them as ‘literally made to stab people underneath her.’ In contrast, others humorously express concerns over their practicality, envisioning the potential havoc they could wreak on wooden floors.

The discussions also touched on the challenges that future cosplayers might face, capturing the community’s blend of awe and humor.

Genshin Impact streamers like XliceZy0xEnviosity, etc., couldn’t contain their excitement. They passionately exclaimed about Arlecchino’s overall appeal, which resonated with the community’s fervent response to new character reveals.

Genshin Impact reveals Arlecchino's killer high heels hidden from EN drip marketing 1
Arlecchino’s high heels in JP drip market omitted in EN drip market (Level Push)

The controversy sparked by the omission of Arlecchino’s lower half in the EN promotional visuals has been a hot topic of discussion. Fans, expressing their disappointment, have questioned why the EN drip cut out the trouser cuffs and shoes, which they consider the design’s coolest part.

Arlecchino is confirmed to be coming in the 4.6 update of Genshin Impact, making her the third playable Harbinger alongside Childe and Wanderer. This announcement has reignited the community’s anticipation for her debut in the game.

The community’s fascination with Arlecchino’s drip market highlights HoYoverse’s meticulous attention to detail in character creation and showcases the vibrant and engaged Genshin Impact community. The players’ eagerness to delve into every aspect of new characters, from their powers and storylines to fashion choices, is a testament to the game’s enduring influence on its fans.

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