Genshin Impact fans call out “useless” Android control settings


Genshin Impact’s Android mobile version has been criticized for lacking essential control options, sparking a debate among its player base over “useless” settings.

Genshin Impact, developed by HoYoverse, is an action role-playing game that has captivated players worldwide with its expansive open-world and engaging elemental combat system. Released on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, PlayStation, and Windows, the game allows players to explore the fantasy world of Teyvat, unraveling its mysteries and engaging in action-packed battles.

However, the Genshin Impact community, particularly Android users, has been divided regarding the game’s control settings. Players have voiced their dissatisfaction, labeling some of the control options on Android as “useless” due to the lack of controller support, which contrasts sharply with the iOS version’s capabilities.

The frustration stems from the limited control options available on Android devices. Players are confined to touchscreen controls, with no native support for controllers, which many believe could enhance the gameplay experience.

“2nd most useless option in Android settings…your Control Type is going to be only Touchscreen forever if you’re on Android,” one player expressed on Reddit, highlighting the broader discontent with the current state of control settings.

This sentiment is echoed across the community, with many questioning why such a disparity exists between Android and iOS versions. “Not on Android for whatever reason; it does work on IOS devices,” another player noted, illustrating the inconsistency of controller support across platforms.

Players have discovered makeshift solutions by utilizing third-party applications to map touchscreen controls onto a controller. However, the consensus within the community is that these workarounds fall short of an ideal resolution as players call for native controller support in the game without needing other solutions to make controllers work in the game.

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Android’s lack of controller support has led some to speculate about possible exclusivity deals, particularly with Apple. “This is probably one of Apple’s anti-competitive deals made with Hoyo,” a player speculated, suggesting that such agreements might influence the availability of certain features, like the 120 FPS option, which is locked from PC, Android, and PlayStation.

As 2024 progresses without any sign of native Android controller support, the community’s disappointment grows, especially given Genshin Impact’s status as one of the highest-grossing games. “It’s …2024, and Genshin Impact still lacks integrated Android controller support. Just WOW,” a player remarked, reflecting a widespread sentiment that the game’s developers are overlooking a simple yet significant quality-of-life improvement.

As the game evolves, players remain hopeful that HoYoverse will address these concerns, ensuring that all adventurers in Teyvat can enjoy an optimal gameplay experience, regardless of their platform choice.

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