Genshin Impact players plead for reruns of missed event-exclusive weapons


Genshin Impact players are rallying for the return of elusive event-exclusive weapons they’ve missed.

Genshin Impact, developed by HoYoverse and released in 2020, is an open-world action RPG that has captured the hearts of millions with its engaging storyline, expansive world, and intricate elemental combat system.

The introduction of Version 4.5 has sparked further interest, bringing a new event-exclusive weapon, Dialogues of the Desert Sages, alongside fresh eventsbanners, and a new Chronicled Wish banner. However, it also underscores the ongoing issue of event-exclusive items and the persistent call from players for opportunities to obtain past exclusive weapons.

Event-exclusive weapons in Genshin Impact offer unique abilities and aesthetics, making them highly sought after by players. However, once an event ends, these weapons typically cannot be obtained, leaving many players longing to acquire them.

This situation has sparked a community-wide plea for HoYoverse to rerun past events or find alternative ways to make these weapons accessible again. Players argue that reruns or alternative acquisition methods would benefit new or returning players and enhance the overall gaming experience by alleviating the fear of missing out (FOMO) on unique game content.

A player suggested making event-exclusive weapons available through special chests in exploration areas or adding them to in-game shops, highlighting the community’s interest in alternative methods for acquiring these items.

The community has come up with several creative suggestions for reintroducing these weapons, from integrating them as rewards in existing game mechanics, such as fishing, to proposing an anniversary gift box allowing players to select a weapon of their choice.

Despite playing during the event, one player lamented missing out on Klee’s event-exclusive weapon, Dodoco Tales. They cited burnout as the reason for their missed opportunity, and now they are contemplating whether they should have done the event when it was available.

Despite the clamor, event-exclusive weapons serve as a key incentive for event participation and are a significant aspect of Genshin Impact’s engagement strategy. This presents HoYoverse with a delicate balance between rewarding dedicated players and ensuring new or returning players don’t feel left out.

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