Genshin Impact release on Nintendo Switch in doubt after official page vanishes

Genshin Impact - Nintendo Switch (Official Japanese Trailer)

The sudden disappearance of the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch page has cast doubt on the game’s anticipated release on the console.

Genshin Impact has attracted a broad audience, securing a strong following across multiple platforms with its engaging gameplay and rich, anime-inspired environment.

There’s no shortage of fresh content, either, such as the introduction of Genshin Impact’s 4.5 update which brought new bannerseventsweapons, and Chiori, the latest 5-star Geo character.

But the excitement among Nintendo Switch players for Genshin Impact’s long-awaited debut on their console has been steadily building for four years, ever since HoYoverse unveiled a trailer teasing the game’s launch on the Switch.

This early glimpse into Genshin Impact’s potential on the Nintendo Switch platform was shared well before the game’s release on other consoles, setting the stage for the Switch gaming community’s heightened expectations and eager anticipation.

Expectations were further fueled by an official statement from the development team, as reported by GoNintendo, which reassured fans about the ongoing development for the Switch version two years ago:

“The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along.”

 – Genshin Impact team (2022)

However, since that promising update, information about the Switch version has abruptly halted, leaving many in the community to wonder about the game’s current status.

With the official Nintendo Switch page of Genshin Impact mysteriously gone, leaving behind only a 404 error, the community’s doubts have intensified. Fans have flooded social media with their concerns and theories regarding the page’s sudden disappearance, eager for any news that might explain this unexpected development.

Genshin Impact release on Nintendo Switch in doubt after official page vanishes 1
Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch page showing 404 Not Found error (Level Push)

Among the speculation, some fans ponder the possibility of the game being postponed for a future Nintendo console release. They cite the aging hardware of the current Switch as a potential hindrance to Genshin Impact’s high graphics and gameplay demands.

“But it was to be expected; the Switch is too old to run a massive game like Genshin, at least this current version…” commented a player, highlighting the challenges of launching such a resource-intensive game on older hardware.

Amidst these concerns, the community’s anticipation for Genshin Impact’s eventual debut on a more powerful iteration of the Nintendo Switch, possibly the Switch 2, remains palpable. One player expressed their belief that the game’s launch with the Switch 2 would be a pleasant surprise, fueling the community’s optimism.

Yet, the community’s frustration is undeniable as the prolonged silence and lack of updates from both Nintendo and HoYoverse continue. Some fans have even begun to question the feasibility of the long-awaited Switch port, a sentiment that resonates with many in the community.

Despite Genshin Impact’s Nintendo Switch page mysteriously disappearing, the community’s hope for forthcoming announcements remains steadfast.

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