Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 4.4

Genshin Impact’s latest update has led to a significant unfollowing spree among players, particularly in China.

Genshin Impact, the popular action RPG, is facing a wave of discontent from its player base. This unrest stems primarily from the game’s recent Lantern Rite event, which many players found underwhelming in terms of rewards.

The event’s lackluster rewards have sparked a significant unfollowing spree, with the Chinese community being particularly vocal about their dissatisfaction.

The discontent appears to have been brewing for some time. Players have been comparing Genshin Impact unfavorably with another game from the same developer, Honkai: Star Rail, noting that the latter offers better rewards.

The situation escalated with the Lantern Rite event, where players were offered just three Intertwined Fates – a reward that many found insultingly inadequate.

This dissatisfaction has led to a dramatic unfollowing spree on the Chinese video platform Douyin, where the game’s official account reportedly lost over 2 million followers.

In response to the declining follower numbers, allegations have surfaced that the game’s developers are using bot accounts to inflate follower numbers on platforms like Bilibili, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube.

The situation doesn’t stop there. Players are not just expressing their discontent through social media unfollows. There’s a broader boycott movement against companies that have collaborated with Genshin Impact, including major brands like KFC and Pizza Hut.

It’s clear that the issue goes beyond mere dissatisfaction with a single event. Players are calling for a broader reassessment of the game’s reward system and overall approach to player satisfaction.

Some are even questioning the game’s producer’s role in this perceived decline in player rewards and suggesting changes in the production team might lead to improvements.

In a broader context, this situation reflects the growing expectations of players in the free-to-play gaming market. It’s a reminder to developers that maintaining player satisfaction is crucial, especially in a market as competitive and dynamic as online gaming.

Is this the wake-up call that Genshin Impact’s developers needed? Only time will tell if they’ll respond to this player uproar with changes that satisfy their global community.

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