Genshin Impact Xianyun

Unlock the full potential of Xianyun, one of Genshin Impact’s most captivating new characters, with our Xianyun build guide.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you craft the best build for Xianyun, focusing on the optimal selection of Weapons, Artifacts, Constellations, and Team Compositions in Genshin Impact.

How to Build Xianyun

Xianyun is a 5-star Anemo Catalyst Support character who focuses on buffing Plunge Attacks and healing the team. She also enhances the jumping height of characters once she uses her Ultimate skill and does follow-up Anemo damage.

In this build guide, we’ll explore the ideal Artifacts, Weapons, and Constellations to aim for and how they enhance Xianyun’s abilities. This will ensure you can make the most informed decisions in building your ultimate Team Composition in Teyvat.

Best Xianyun Weapons

Xianyun uses a Catalyst as her weapon. She is a support character; thus, it is recommended to use weapons with supportive capabilities. There are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star weapons that we recommend using on Xianyun:

Crane’s Echoing Call (Limited Signature 5-star)Attack%
Oathsworn Eye (Event Exclusive)Attack%
Prototype Amber (Craftable)HP%
Favonius Codex (Limited 4-star)Energy Recharge
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers HP%
Best Xianyun Weapons

Best 5-Star Weapon for Xianyun

No doubt, Xianyun’s best in-slot weapon is Crane’s Echoing Call, as this is the featured weapon alongside her first appearance in the banner. This boasts a whopping 741 Base Attack and 16.5% Attack at Level 90.

The passive of this weapon is also made for her since when the character equipped with this weapon deals Plunge Attack Damage, the whole team will get a 28% Plunge Damage bonus for 20s.

That’s already great, but then another passive takes this weapon to a whole other level, as it allows the wearer to get Energy even off the field whenever a Party Member makes a Plunge Attack. Note that is only at Refinement 1, meaning it will get even higher from here!

Best 4-Star Weapons for Xianyun

In case you don’t want to pull for her Signature Weapon, there is also the Oathsworn Eye, which is a really good 4-star option for Xianyun. Oathsworn Eye is the best 4-star pick, offering a significant boost in attack power. This weapon has a Base Attack of 565 and 27.6% Attack at Level 90 at Level 90. This weapon not only enhances her own abilities but also complements her role in boosting plunge attack damage for her team.

Prototype Amber is also a good option but may require a team comp for optimal usage. This weapon has a Base Attack of 510 and 41.3% HP at Level 90. This weapon might lean more towards HP, but in teams focused on healing (like Furina compositions), it’s a boon for generating quicker Fanfare points for Furina.

Favonius Codex stands out for its exploratory prowess, making it a fantastic choice for regular gameplay. It has a Base Attack of 510 and 45.9% Energy Recharge at Level 90.

Best 3-Star Weapon for Xianyun

When you don’t have any luck with 4-star and 5-star weapons, worry not; there is another easier option to get. Fortunately, it is a 3-star weapon which most likely you’ll have a copy of, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (TTDS). You will have a lot of copies of this if you regularly pull on any banner. Although it is only a 3-star weapon having only a Base Attack of 401 and 35.2% HP Sub-stat at Level 90, its passive is really useful and can be used in any team composition as it buffs the attack of the next character after her.

Best Xianyun Artifacts

Artifacts play a significant role in bringing out the best in Xianyun. The 4-pc Song of Days Past is generally the go-to choice for any team comp as it helps in healing and adding more damage bonuses to the team.

The 4-pc Viridescent Venerer set is generally the go-to choice, especially if your team benefits from elemental resistance reduction. The 4-pc Viridescent Venerer offers additional Anemo Damage bonus and Swirl Damage bonus. But the best part of this set is the decreased Elemental Resistance of the Element infused, which is why this is the best set for teams that are focused on Swirling Elements.

But if you find yourself in teams where healing is more critical, such as with Xiao, a set like Maiden’s Beloved is an excellent alternative.

Best Artifact Sets
Song of Days Past4pc
Viridescent Venerer4pc
Maiden’s Beloved4pc
Best Xianyun Artifacts

This is the ideal main stats for Xianyun’s Artifacts:

ArtifactMain Stat
SandsAttack % / Energy Recharge
GobletAttack %
CircletAttack % / Healing Bonus
Recommended Main Stats for Xianyun

When considering main stats, triple ATK is often the standard setup. However, depending on the energy needs of your team, an Energy Recharge Sands can be more beneficial. In situations where you need more healing output, consider a Healing Bonus Circlet.

For sub-stats, focus on Energy Recharge, ATK%, and flat ATK to ensure Xianyun can consistently deploy her burst while contributing significantly to the team’s overall damage output.

Best Xianyun Constellations

Xianyun’s constellation level significantly impacts her performance and utility. Here are the best Constellations to get for Xianyun:

  • C2 – gives a significant Attack boost
  • C6 – enables Xianyun to use her Elemental Skill 8 times in succession, thus possibly making her a DPS

At constellation zero, she already provides a solid foundation for boosting plunge attacks. However, higher constellation levels will undoubtedly enhance her abilities further, increasing her damage output or reducing cooldowns.

It’s important to assess how much you rely on her for your team’s performance and whether investing in her constellations aligns with your overall strategy and character roster.

Best Xianyun Team Comps

Xianyun’s versatility shines in various team compositions. She is a versatile support who can go with any team, even if they don’t focus on Plunge Attacks like Xiao and Gaming. Xianyun’s role in every team comp is the Buffer / Healer / Resistance Shred.

Hu Tao DPS Xianyun Team

Hu TaoMain DPS
Yelan / XingquiSub DPS / Hydro Applicator
FurinaSub DPS / Hydro Applicator
Hu Tao DPS Xianyun Team

Xiao DPS Xianyun Team

Xiao Main DPS
Faruzan / BennettBuffer
FurinaSub DPS
Xiao DPS Xianyun Team

Gaming – Xianyun Vaporize Team

GamingMain DPS
BennettBuffer / Pyro Resonance
FurinaSub DPS / Hydro Applicator
Gaming – Xianyun Vaporize Team

Diluc Melt Team

DilucMain DPS
BennettBuffer / Pyro Resonance
Ganyu / LaylaSub DPS / Cryo Applicator
Diluc Melt Team

Interestingly, Xianyun breathes new life into Bennett’s gameplay, especially at his final constellation, by enabling powerful Pyro plunge attacks across various characters.

Outside of these, she also fits well in Electro-based Quicken teams and even Freeze compositions, offering an additional dimension of plunge attack utility. Note that you can also use other characters that you have as substitute and don’t feel like you need to pull for these characters.

In summary, Xianyun is a versatile support character that can slot in any team composition. Carefully choosing the right Weapons and artifacts is crucial to bring out the most of her supportive capabilities. She is a very powerful support that brings out the damage potential of different characters.

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