Reporting and Reputation Meter in Brawl Stars explained

Reporting and Reputation Meter in Brawl Stars explained 1

Brawl Stars is rolling out a brand-new Reporting system and Reputation meter for Ranked matches; let’s dive into how these features impact your gameplay.

Brawl Stars, the popular fast-paced multiplayer brawler, has always been a hotbed for competitive play. With the introduction of the new Ranked Mode, players now have a more structured and rewarding way to showcase their skills.

Today’s guide focuses on the new Reporting system for Ranked matches in Brawl Stars, along with the introduction of a Reputation Meter. These features aim to improve the gaming experience by promoting fair play and penalizing unsportsmanlike behavior.

Feeling concerned about how these changes might affect your standing and gameplay in Ranked Mode? You’re not alone. Many players are navigating this new terrain, wondering how to maintain a good reputation and avoid penalties. Let’s break down what you need to know.

Reporting and Reputation Meter in Brawl Stars explained 2
A new Reporting feature has been added to Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

How does Reporting in Brawl Stars work?

Players can now report others following a Ranked Mode game. Upon clicking “Report,” players can select from three options: Grief Play, Cheating, and being a “Bad Random.”

With a daily limit of 10 reports per player, the system is designed to be used judiciously, focusing on genuine instances of misconduct.

When a report you’ve made leads to a penalty, you’ll receive an in-game mail notification. This feedback loop not only keeps you informed but also reassures that the system is actively working to maintain the game’s integrity.

Reporting and Reputation Meter in Brawl Stars explained 3
There are now three options to use when reporting a player in Brawl Stars

What is the Reputation meter in Brawl Stars?

Your actions in-game now directly influence your Reputation meter. Every report against you chips away at your reputation. A declining reputation first triggers a Yellow Card warning, escalating to a Red Card—temporary suspension from Ranked matches—if poor behavior persists.

However, the Reputation meter isn’t just about punishment; it offers a path to redemption. You can rebuild your reputation by participating in Ranked matches without receiving further reports. This design encourages positive behavior and gives players a chance to correct their course.

Importantly, your Reputation status is private, visible only to you. This ensures that the focus is on personal accountability and improvement rather than public shaming.

The “Bad Random” Clause and Whitelisting

The option to report a player for being a “Bad Random” caused significant backlash within the community.

However, addressing these community concerns, Dani, the Brawl Stars community manager, revealed that the “Bad Random” selection simply filters the “false reports from the genuine ones.”

The “Bad Random” report option has been carefully designed to collect data for matchmaking improvements rather than penalize players for lackluster performance. This approach alleviates anxiety around being reported for simply having an off game.

Additionally, the introduction of a whitelist system protects high-profile players, such as content creators and pros, from targeted reporting. This layer of protection ensures that those contributing positively to the Brawl Stars community are not unjustly penalized.

The introduction of the Reporting system and Reputation meter in Brawl Stars Ranked Mode marks a significant step towards fostering a healthier, more respectful gaming environment.

By understanding and engaging with these features constructively, players can contribute to a competitive landscape where fairness and sportsmanship prevail.

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