How does matchmaking work in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars matchmaking

Discover the secrets behind Brawl Stars’ matchmaking system and how it attempts to create fun and fair matches every time.

Brawl Stars has quickly become a favorite among mobile gamers for its fast-paced battles, diverse characters, and strategic gameplay. As with any competitive game, matchmaking is a critical component, ensuring that players are paired with and against others of similar skill levels for the most enjoyable experience possible.

Today, we’re diving deep into the intricacies of Brawl Stars’ matchmaking system, shedding light on how it works, what factors influence it, and how you can navigate its nuances for the best gaming sessions.

Whether you’ve been puzzled by slow matchmaking times, curious about server logistics, or frustrated by duplicate Brawlers in your matches, we’ve got all the answers to your questions right here. Let’s get into the mechanics of Brawl Stars matchmaking and how to optimize your brawling experience.

Brawl Stars matchmaking
Matchmaking in Brawl Stars differs between solo and team-based modes

How does matchmaking work in Brawl Stars?

Matchmaking in Brawl Stars is designed with player satisfaction at its core, aiming to create matches that are fair and fun. For solo players, matchmaking is primarily based on the trophies of the selected Brawler, with total trophies also playing a minor role. This ensures that less experienced players are not unfairly pitted against veterans.

Team matchmaking, however, takes the player with the highest Brawler trophy count in the group as the benchmark. This is to maintain balance and match skill levels appropriately, though it can lead to longer wait times and less balanced matches when there’s a wide trophy range within the team. Always consider your team’s composition and trophy spread to minimize wait times and maximize match fairness.

How to fix slow matchmaking in Brawl Stars

Slow matchmaking can be a symptom of several factors, including your location, the time of day, and the Brawler you’ve chosen. To improve matchmaking speed, try playing with Brawlers who have a wider range of possible matches based on trophies. Also, playing during peak times in your region can significantly reduce wait times.

If slow matchmaking persists, consider checking your internet connection or switching to a server closer to your geographic location for better performance.

Brawl Stars replays in Battle Log
Brawl Stars attempts to match players against others with similar trophies

Brawl Stars server information

Brawl Stars operates on multiple servers worldwide to ensure the best possible gaming experience. The game automatically connects you to the nearest server based on your location to minimize lag and connection issues.

However, if you’re playing with friends from different regions or can’t find a match quickly, you may be switched to an alternative server. This flexibility helps maintain smooth gameplay, though it’s always optimal to play on the server closest to you when possible.

Why are there duplicate Brawlers in Brawl Stars?

To prevent long matchmaking times, the game occasionally allows duplicate Brawlers on the same team. This usually happens when a new Brawler is released and is widely available, leading to a high number of players selecting that Brawler.

While this can disrupt team balance and cause frustration among fans, it ensures that players aren’t left waiting too long to find a match. For a more varied team composition, try selecting less popular Brawlers or playing after the initial rush of a new Brawler’s release has subsided.

By understanding the mechanics behind Brawl Stars’ matchmaking, you can tailor your play sessions for quicker, more balanced matches. Whether teaming up with friends or diving solo into the fray, keep these tips in mind to enhance your Brawl Stars experience.

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