Wild Rift players outraged as fans highlight unfair global vs. China perks 1

The seemingly growing discrepancy between in-game benefits for Wild Rift’s global and China servers is causing uproar in its community. 

Like other installments under Riot Games’ belt, Wild Rift has a special isolated server for China. Aside from having a dedicated server that would be a Herculean task for non-Chinese residents to bypass, China also has access to special edition skins and in-game content – much to the dismay of the game’s global fanbase. 

Wild Rift was released in China a year after its global debut. However, it seems like the fear of missing out went the other way around, as one global player took to Reddit to “expose the discrepancy” between the two Wild Rift editions. 

In the six-minute video, the user details the in-game Wild Rift content only accessible to Chinese players, including stickers, tiered recall art, and bonuses for playing ranked with your friends. 

Global Wild Rift players call out the content disparity with the Chinese version

Among the first and most obvious discrepancies are the emotes and stickers. Some of these stickers show up in the global version of the game – albeit with no detail on how to acquire or purchase them. Apparently, these seemingly “unclaimable” stickers only exist for use in the China servers.

Moreover, the Chinese server also has a tier system for its in-game cosmetics, apart from the skin. This includes banners and titles, often combined with the champion’s customizable skin line. 

Wild Rift players outraged as fans highlight unfair global vs. China perks 2

Another noteworthy difference is the Wild Rift news tab, which is accessible in the app. To much surprise from the global community, Wild Rift China has in-game access to Champion win rates in ranked, which could help figure out the new meta on each patch. 

The comments were mostly expressive of disappointment and infuriation, with some even going as far as to conclude that the developers behind Wild Rift do not care about its global community. 

byu/final566 from discussion

However, it does not seem like Wild Rift will pause its tracks on its special treatment in the region anytime soon. The mobile MOBA by Riot Games has a massive presence in China, with reports that as much as 80% of the game’s sales come from the region. 

This is not the first time Riot Games had a rough patch with its global playerbase, as the Valorant community recently received news that the China server will be seeing reruns of a previously limited-edition skin bundle. 

Which of these China-exclusive content and in-game upgrades would you want to see in Wild Rift’s global version?

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