Valorant’s VCT Champions skins make a comeback but with a surprising twist 1

The limited-edition VCT Champions 2021 skin is returning to Valorant China, marking the first appearance of the coveted VCT Annual Skin bundle on the server. 

Among the most coveted gun skins in Valorant are the VCT skins. Marketed as a way to support the teams in the pro scene and a limited edition “never to return again” cosmetic, the sales of these bundles can rake in up to $40 million in sales. 

However, the previously “limited edition” skins are slated to make their comeback – but there’s a catch. The VCT Champions 2021 Bundle, the first of its kind, is going to be available on February 15 only in Valorant China. 

Valorant was notably released two years late in China, with its country-exclusive servers opened only in 2023. Both of the VCT Champions bundles released in 2021 and 2022 are yet to be available on the Chinese servers. 

VCT Champions 2021 Bundle debuts in Valorant China

You may be wondering – can I make an account in Valorant China to acquire the VCT Champions 2021 Bundle? The answer is you can, but it needs to be a completely new account. 

As Valorant China is an exclusive server and runs on a different client than the rest of the world, you may not transfer your existing Riot Games account to a China server. However, making the actual account is trickier than the usual process. 

First, some Chinese Valorant players suggest that the server requires a Chinese ID card to open an account. Moreover, you cannot transfer the account to your home region, so your attempt may be futile. 

Valorant’s VCT Champions skins make a comeback but with a surprising twist 2

This is not the first time that the Valorant player community worldwide envied the features and exclusive content on the game’s newest server. During Valorant China’s release, Riot Games announced that the isolated server featured Agent guides and Agent comp guides for each map, among other exclusive features. 

While many Valorant players hope for a worldwide re-release of the limited edition skin line, many are doubtful that the VCT Champions 2021 comeback sets a trend within the game. It is important to note that this is the first time this specific VCT Champions edition has made an appearance in the game. 

Are you also looking forward to a possible return of limited edition skins such as VCT Champions, Arcane Sherrif, and VCT LOCK//IN knives? Or would you rather that these special skins retain their high-value treatment? 

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  1. I regret not getting it sooner and I hope they bring it to all servers and I can get it. I’m ready to pay whatever the price is, as long as they bring it to all servers 🙁