Valorant’s new agent Clove turns low-elo lobbies into smoke-filled chaos

Valorant's new agent Clove turns low-elo lobbies into smoke-filled chaos 1

Valorant’s latest addition to its agent roster, Clove, has raised the Controller pick rate in bronze lobbies. However, not everyone is thrilled with this change. 

Every role in Valorant is important – the duelist to enter the site, the initiator to gather information, and the sentinel to guard the flank and the defending half. However, while some roles guarantee flexibility options, perhaps none of the roles is as “vital” to winning as the controller. 

Whether you’re on the defending or attacking side, a controller in your team comp will help delay enemies’ entry or retake of the site. Moreover, the “smokes” eliminate more angles to clear and be wary of. 

However, given the controller’s heavy role, picks for this agent type always seem to be the least priority for lower elos. Valorant’s newest agent seems to have piqued interest in the controller role, as the controller pick rate has risen in lower ranks.  

Clove stays on top of the Valorant pick rating, even for those who don’t know how to play smokes

Clove has shown to be a steady top pick in all ranks and elos while proving their abilities as the agent rises to a steady 52% win rate average in all ranks. The new agent rises above all other controllers as the sole agent who can place smoke even after death.

While the trend of a new “meta-pick” for any elo is always welcome, especially for a vital role as the controller, not everyone is happy with the newfound love for smoke agents in the low ranks. 

In a post on Reddit, a Valorant player expressed frustration over misplaced smoke from beginner controller players. These crucial mistakes have led the player to call the playing experience in lower-ranked games a “nightmare.”

Their sentiment on duelist roles being a top pick for low elos is correct, as Reyna tops the Bronze-rank picks for competitive plays. Out of the top 10 most-picked agents in Bronze 3, only one controller, Omen, makes the list. 

Valorant's new agent Clove turns low-elo lobbies into smoke-filled chaos 2
Pick rating ranking in Bronze 3 (

While it may take a while for these new Clove “mains” to get used to playing the vital controller role, this may also lead to more skilled smokes players in lower elo. 

One player expressed hope in the comment section that the new agent will be an “opportunity to learn how to smoke” for these players. 

It is still hard to conclude whether Clove is a “meta-shaker” for Valorant. While their pick-and-win rating stays high, probably due to their recent release, we have yet to see their dominance and team synergy in pro play. 

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