Valorant Clove: Everything we know so far about Valorant’s new agent

Valorant Clove: Everything we know so far about Valorant's new agent 1

VCT Masters Madrid and the release of Valorant’s newest agent are only a few weeks away, and here’s all we know about the agent so far!

Among the things that Valorant players always look forward to beyond skins and pro matches are new agents. Introducing new agents means new skill sets, team comps, and basically, a whole new meta for the first-person shooter game! 

While recent additions to the Valorant roster may not have been as spectacular as the release of Chamber or Fade, the community still has its hopes up for the next agent. 

The next Valorant agent is rumored to be launched in the upcoming VCT Masters Madrid. As far as we know, Clove is a controller ready to upgrade your smoke game in your upcoming ranked plays! 

Updated March 22, 2024: We now have information on Clove’s skill names and cooldowns! We have now updated the article with this new information.

Valorant’s Clove: Abilities, Release Date, and Teasers 

While most players suggested that Riot Games will release Clove on the upcoming Episode 8 Act 2 patch on the first week of March, many other players and Valorant leakers suggest that the devs plan to release the agent through VCT Masters Madrid. 

This release is not the first time a new agent earned the worldwide spotlight on the pro stage, as Gekko first saw action in a show match game during VCT LOCK//IN 2023. 

Valorant’s way of “teasing” upcoming playable characters includes battle pass player cards, voice lines, and other in-game cosmetics. Here’s what we know so far about Valorant’s Clove: 

Clove is Valorant’s Agent 25

There were many speculations about the name of the Valorant’s newest agent, Monarch, and Smokedancer. Although Valorant’s new agent name leaks are frequently their project title, in this case, Smokedancer, Riot Games usually changes the name to a shorter, more call-out-friendly option.

In a recent leak of German PBE notes and Spanish Voiceovers, Valorant players and leakers discovered that the agent’s name is Clove.

Release Date

Valorant announced that players should brace themselves for the March 24 VCT Masters Madrid Finals, as this will be the first time the community will see Agent 25 in action!

However, players can expect the agent to be playable on a future patch after the Masters Final.

The new agent has a long ability refresh

We now have information on Clove’s ability names—Pick Me Up (Q), Meddle (W), and Ruse (E)! However, we still need to wait for more leaks and releases to get a fuller picture of the agent’s kit’s functions.

The new controller may don a flashy pink outfit

Valorant data miners and sources suggest that Clove will feature a flashy pink outfit – a departure from current agents’ feisty and edgy outfits. Some players base this theory on the “Chrysalis” player card from the Episode 8 Act 1 Battlepass. 

The new agent’s theme is related to butterflies 

Along with the “Chrysalis” player card, Valorant’s latest home screen background also hints that Clove will feature butterflies as her agent theme. This is reminiscent of Harbor’s ocean theme and Fade’s “nightmare” motif. 

Clove may have resurrection capabilities

Based on Omen’s voice line additions, Clove may have an ability similar to Sage’s resurrect or Phoenix’s double-life ultimate. However, as Omen is a “resurrected” character according to the lore but does not have the same ability in the game, this teaser may be more about Smokedancer’s story as an agent. 

Agent 25 is a young recruit from Scotland 

More eagle-eyed Valorant players noted some teasers from the PBE tests and voice lines. According to Deadlock’s mail notes, Clove is a young, rather inexperienced in fighting, agent from Scotland. 

VCT Masters Madrid is seeing action from March 14 to 23. Whether you’re a controller main or a player looking for a new agent to master, Clove is truly worth waiting for! From abilities and ultimate to the agent’s lore, there are more things to unlock about this agent. 

Level Push will update this article on the latest Clove news and leaks.

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