Palworld player shares “genius” trick to stop Pals from mining Stone 1

A clever Palworld player has devised an ingenious way to stop their Pals from mining Stone.

In Palworld, resource management is crucial, and mining is a key activity. Players have grappled with the challenge of directing their Pals—creatures adept at various tasks, including mining—to collect specific resources. Stone, while essential, often overshadows the need for other valuable resources like Ore.

But now, a player’s witty solution to this predicament is taking the community by storm.

The trick? Build your Stone Pits elevated and simply remove the stairs when you don’t want Stone to be mined. This hilarious yet effective strategy ensures Pals can’t access the Stone Pit, redirecting their effort to mining Ore instead.

It’s a response to a common grievance among players who expressed frustration at the lack of job assignment, leading to scenarios where multiple Pals would work on a Stone Pit, neglecting other tasks.

Frustrated posts had already flooded the Palworld community on Reddit, for example, with posts like “I’m looking forward to whenever they decide to assign jobs so I don’t have 7 Pals working the stone pit,” resonating with many in the community.

The player’s solution was met with appreciation on Reddit as players flocked to praise the “genius” idea for both its simplicity and effectiveness.

As for how to actually delete the stairs, the original poster quickly clarified it’s as simple as opening the Build menu and then going into Disassembly mode.

byu/AceITP from discussion

This trick not only solves a persistent issue but also highlights the creative and humorous ways players interact with Palworld’s mechanics.

It’s a testament to the game’s engaging and dynamic environment, where even a simple act of removing stairs can lead to a significant improvement in gameplay efficiency.

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