Palworld: How to Assign Base Pals to Work 1

Are you trying to figure out how to get your Pals to work in your Palworld base effectively?

It’s actually pretty fun and adds a whole new layer to the gameplay. Let me guide you through this process with some personal insights and tips I’ve gathered along the way.

Understanding Pal Skills and Assignments

Your Pals have unique skills and abilities that make them suitable for different jobs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you assign them to the right tasks:

1. Identify the Required Skills: Different tasks in your base require specific skills. For example, your workbench might need a Pal with ‘Handiwork.’ Not all Pals possess this skill, so you’ll have to choose wisely.

2. Check Your Pal’s Skills: In your pal box, you’ll find all your Pals listed with their passive and active skills. It’s crucial to understand these skills. For instance, a Pal with the ‘Workaholic’ passive skill will have less sanity depletion, which is super useful for long work hours.

Palworld: How to Assign Base Pals to Work 2
Lamball has the “Workaholic” Passive Skill (ConCon)

3. Providing Basic Needs: Ensure each Pal has a bed for rest and access to food. This helps maintain their sanity and efficiency. The game’s progression system helps you keep these essentials stocked.

4. Beware of Negative Skills: Some Pals might have skills that reduce work efficiency, like ‘Clumsy,’ which decreases work speed by 10%. Always opt for Pals with positive skills like ‘Artisan’ for a 50% work speed boost.

5. Assigning Tasks Based on Work Suitability: On the right side of the Pal’s profile, you’ll see their work suitability. This indicates the tasks they can perform, like planting, handiwork, lumbering, etc. Match these with the tasks needed in your base.

Palworld: How to Assign Base Pals to Work 3
You can see the Work Suitability of every Pal in Palworld (ConCon)

6. Task-Specific Pals: Some jobs require specific types of Pals. For example, only fire-type Pals can operate furnaces. Keep an eye out for the required type icons on machines and match them with your Pals’ abilities.

7. Automating Tasks: If a Pal is capable of a task, they will automatically perform it when placed in your base or when you bring them out in your party. This automation is a key aspect of managing your base efficiently.

8. Managing Your Base: Constantly review your Pals’ skills and work suitability to optimize your base’s productivity. This system is all about balancing and automating tasks to make your gameplay experience smoother.

Video Guide

For a helpful video tutorial on how to assign base Pals to work in Palworld, be sure to check out ConCon’s video below.

ConCon’s detailed guide on assigning base Pals to work in Palworld

Mastering the art of getting your Pals to work can make a huge difference in your Palworld experience. It’s about understanding their unique abilities and placing them where they can be most effective.

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