Palworld glitch makes catching legendary Jetragon easy 1

A newly discovered glitch in Palworld turns the daunting task of capturing Jetragon, a legendary Pal, into a simple feat.

In the expansive world of Palworld, players continuously seek strategies to ease their journey, especially when capturing elusive legendary Pals like Jetragon.

A groundbreaking glitch recently brought to light does exactly that, simplifying the capture process significantly. This glitch focuses on Jetragon, known for its unmatched speed and formidable power, making it a highly sought-after companion for any player.

To leverage this glitch, preparation is key. Players are advised to equip themselves with a Bow with lots of Arrows or a Rifle with plenty of Ammo, lots of Ultra Spheres, and enough food.

Palworld glitch makes catching legendary Jetragon easy 2
Catching Jetragon is usually a difficult task in Palworld

This preparation ensures readiness to either capture Jetragon for its exceptional abilities or defeat it for the XP gain. Jetragon boss can be found at coordinates -789, -321, in the volcano biome.

The glitch can be done by luring Jetragon to a specific location on the map near a volcano. This area is known for hosting three major bosses, with Jetragon being the most challenging due to its level 50 status and incredible speed.

The strategy involves using a flying Pal to attract Jetragon’s attention, then move over the volcano and shooting it while ensuring it follows you into the volcano’s crater. This technique exploits Jetragon’s buggy behavior, rendering it stuck and unable to attack or escape, thereby facilitating its capture or defeat. Note that when you try to capture Jetragon and failed, it may not be stuck so make sure to dodge its attacks as it can deal massive damage.

Once Jetragon is trapped by the glitch, players can attack at their leisure, gradually reducing its health for capture or XP farming. While this process may seem tedious, the rewards justify the effort. Notably, this glitch is not exclusive to Jetragon; it can be applied to other bosses within the game, offering players a strategy to efficiently farm XP and valuable resources.

This glitch has been shown by White Mamba Palworld on YouTube where they discussed and show how they managed to capture Jetragon easily.

This discovery has sparked excitement and urgency within the Palworld community, prompting many to exploit the glitch before potential patches make it obsolete.

The strategy not only provides a shortcut to acquiring one of the game’s most powerful Pals but also highlights the creative ways players navigate and impact the gaming world.

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