Palworld player finishes dungeon in record time with a sneaky mount trick 1

A Palworld player found a game-breaking Flying mount trick to finish a dungeon in under a minute.

Palworld is an open-world, action-adventure, and monster-taming game by Japanese developer Pocketpair. This was released in January of this year and is still in its early development.

Players are continuously exploring the world and doing dungeon runs, which prompts them to find ways to shorten their time inside. Since the game is in early access, players will find game-breaking bugs and exploits.

A Reddit user shared a video of them doing their dungeon run. Everything seemed normal as they entered the dungeon and defeated a few Syndicate Thugs who welcomed them.

The player then summoned their Pal, a Jetragon, and proceeded to climb the wall. They petted the Pal while hanging on the wall and mounted it by pressing F. This allowed them to pass through the dungeon’s wall and fly to the end. Since they were out of bounds, they had to use the same mount trick to enter the treasure room and claim the loot.

They skipped many rooms within the dungeon, making the run last only a minute. Other players in the Reddit post shared their insights into this mount trick, while others were amazed at how players find such tricks.

One Reddit user asked, “How does one even discover this?” The original poster replied that the true endgame for Palworld wasn’t all about breeding the best passive skills but also finding glitches like this one.

Palworld Jetragon out of bounds
Player and Jetragon are out of bounds in the dungeon (yashpwnz)

To add on, others gave options to which Flying mounts players could use. A Palworld player shared: “Alternatively, Ragnahawk flies low enough that you don’t have to dismount going between rooms.” This would solve the problem the original poster faced at the end of the video.

Besides using this Flying mount trick and glitching through the dungeon, others have suggested using a Ground mount like Fenglope to run to the end quickly. Players may face problems such as going through the wrong path, but many attested that the dungeons’ layouts are fairly similar to one another.

As Palworld is still being developed and updated, there’s a high chance that this glitch will soon be patched out. Players should enjoy this Flying Mount trick while they still can! If you haven’t already, you may also check out our guide on how to get a Flying Mount!

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