Draven Legends of Runeterra gameplay

Legends of Runeterra not only features engaging game mechanics, but some flamboyant animations as well. Sometimes, however, those animations can take a little too long to finish, and it can disrupt the flow of the game. 

Beginning with the next update for the game (0.9.1), which should be going live on March 3, Runeterra’s development team will start to accelerate some of the game’s animations. Riot Exis, Engineering Manager, provided some design insight on Twitter and on a Reddit thread. They say they “want interactions to be clear and cool moments to feel cool, but animations shouldn’t make you impatient for the game to get a move-on.”

It will definitely take time to strike a perfect balance between timeliness and flash, but this should be a reassuring first step. 

Even with this news, however, there are some who still have concerns about other areas of the game’s animations. One of those areas is the absolutely excruciating amount of time it takes for Teemo’s mushrooms to be shuffled into decks. Another is Draven’s axes, which is actually something that Riot has already sped up in a previous update. Many also are peeved at how long it takes for certain champions to finish their level up animations, especially when the turn timer has already started ticking down.  

With the game still in beta, however, there’s still plenty of time for issues like this to be ironed out. And with Riot implementing a nice suite of performance options in the last patch, the game has already made considerable strides on the technical front since the launch of the open beta. 

Legends of Runeterra is slated to come out of open beta in the first half of 2020, with a mobile version launching alongside it.

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