Garen - Legends of Runeterra (Riot Games)

As expected, Patch 1.3 for Legends of Runeterra will be a small one, with Riot choosing to focus on card clarity, changes to expedition archetypes, and bug fixes.

First, Riot says that they will no longer be posting patch notes on Mondays. Starting from Patch 1.4, which is two weeks from now, notes will be posted on Tuesdays at 10 AM PT instead, a full 24 hours later.

On a similar note, Riot says that they’re moving Vault day from Tuesday to Thursday in order to “put it more safely after our patch timing.” The move will start in a month with Patch 1.5, and Riot added that as a part of that transition, the Vault will feature an extended, nine-day window that week.

The meat of this week’s patch centers around card clarity, which has been a lingering issue in Legends of Runeterra since the game’s beta. The studio explained that although they’ve been working to improve clarity issues since launch, they still have room for improvement.

“Since launch, we’re worked to improve a variety of clarity issues, though we definitely haven’t nailed them all yet. As we’ve said previously, we expect clarity and consistency improvements to be a never-ending task as we work to improve LoR, and we’ll continue to roll them out in upcoming patches.”

With Patch 1.3, Riot will specifically be focusing on card clarity as it relates to random card generation. They clarified that the word “random” will now specifically mean “random and from any region,”  as opposed to only being limited to your current deck’s regions. This change will affect cards such as “Petty Officer,” “Jailbreak,” and “Double Trouble,” just to name a few.

Changes for Patch 1.3 will go into effect on June 10 at 10 AM PT. Full patch notes, including expedition archetype changes and bug fixes, can be found here.

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