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One of the many fascinating games revealed at League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary event was Riot Games’ new digital card-based strategy game, Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra draws upon the comprehensive world that League of Legends has created, allowing players to employ champions and allies from the regions of Runeterra to defeat their opponents.

The game promises to be different from the existing free-to-play experience that players have come to expect from strategy card games such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena. Instead, Legends of Runeterra will see players have access to a robust free-to-play model that will result in increased accessibility and flexibility when it comes to deck building.

Riot Games announce Legends of Runeterra 2019 roadmap 1
Legends of Runeterra rewards system (Riot Games)

Ideally, the improved deckbuilding opportunities will result in a positive experience for players who are hoping to make the most of Legend of Runeterra’s dynamic, alternating combat method that allows players to attack, defend, and counter.

With the announcement on October 15, it was also revealed that select players would be granted access to the Announce Preview Patch. During this time, players were able to log-in and test out the Legends of Runeterra experience for themselves from October 16 to October 21.

According to SullyGnome, a Twitch statistics and analysis website, 10,311,431 hours of Legends of Runeterra gameplay has already been watched, and in the short time that the special preview patch was available, 61,377 average viewers were watching.

Riot Games announce Legends of Runeterra 2019 roadmap 2
Legends of Runterra gameplay screenshot (Riot Games)

For the many interested players who missed out on an opportunity to try the game during this time, Legends of Runeterra associate quality assurance manager Riot Polybius has announced that there will be another opportunity to get your hands on the game from November 14-19.

November 14 marks the start of the Expeditions Preview Patch that will allow more players to participate in a draft-based game mode.

Following the limited-time run in November, the Closed Beta will commence in early Q1 of next year. The Closed Beta promises ranked queue, new boards and guardians, friends list and friend challenges, and even more player invites.

The final stage of the launch roadmap opens access to all when the game officially launches later in 2020 on PC and mobile.


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