Hunter's Arena: Legends releases new trailer for the upcoming battle royale MMORPG 1

Hunter’s Arena: Legends released a brand new trailer and screenshots for the battle royale MMORPG hybrid. Mantisco, the Korean studio behind the game, opened up sign-ups for the upcoming second and final closed beta test. Hunter’s Arena: Legends will also launch on Steam Early Access later in 2020.

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends, fighters are drawn to the magical, dark landscapes of an enchanted realm where many players enter, and only one may leave. Landscapes in the game feature dense forest, hazardous lava fields, and snowy mountains. According to the developer, the detailed and varied semi-realistic terrain alters how players develop and execute their battle strategies, and special dungeons allow players the opportunity to work with others to earn powerful rewards in fights with boss monsters. 

The game places 60 players in an all-out battle to become the only survivor. According to the Mantisco, the game is very violent and for mature audiences only. Hunter’s Arena Legends features MMORPG elements such as boss raids, equipment acquisition, leveling up, and drops it within the Battle Royale genre. Players must take advantage of the MMO features to better succeed at the battle royales. 

The closed beta test will occur in North America, Europe, and Asia. The studio implemented changes based on player feedback collected from an earlier closed beta test. This newest version of the game has tutorials, in-game guides, optimizations for more fluid gameplay, and refined game balance. The developer has added a day/night cycle system and says it has improved upon the quality of the character models and lighting system. 

The Hunter’s Arena: Legends closed beta test will start on April 22, 2020, and end April 26, 2020. Sign-ups for the CBT are currently open. The game will be available on Steam Early Access later in 2020.

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