Anycolor stock plummets after NIJISANJI EN’s dramatic 40% revenue drop

Anycolor stock plummets after NIJISANJI EN's dramatic 40% revenue drop 1

Issues continue to plague NIJISANJI after consecutive contract disputes, with Anycolor nosediving in the Japanese Stock Market. 

Since the Selen Tatsuki contract bombshell, Vtuber fans and streamer enthusiasts have kept their eyes peeled on NIJISANJI. However, trouble seems far from over, as the Japanese Vtuber agency has experienced financial distress in the stock market. 

NIJISANJI was once adamant that their controversial contract termination would not impact the company financially. But as the Selen Tatsuki contract dispute swelled into a legal battle, Anycolor (NIJISANJI’s parent company) faced one of the biggest drops in the stock trading scene.

On March 15, 2024, the Japanese entertainment company showed a colossal 20% decrease in valuation, with its chart exhibiting a striking nosedive in one-day trades. 

Anycolor stock plummets after NIJISANJI EN's dramatic 40% revenue drop 2
A dramatic drop in Anycolor stock price on March 15, 2024 (MarketWatch)

Anycolor hounded by financial and legal woes 

In a Reddit post about the striking plummeting of Anycolor stock valuation, some fans expound that the agency reached the lowest possible decline a Japanese company can have in a single-day trade. 

In the comment, the Vtuber fan details that “there’s a limit to how much the price of a share can drop by in a single day by Japanese law, and Anycolor has already hit that and is now hugging that line,” suggesting that the agency’s stock price could have been even lower had the policy not been in place. 

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While it is hard to assume if this trend in Anycolor’s stock price can be attributed directly to the recent issues, it is safe to say that the company was wrong in its statement that Selen’s contract termination would have “negligible financial effects.”

Notably, the company recently released its 2023 Q3 financial transparency reports, which exhibited that Anycolor has been experiencing financial woes even before the contract termination announcement. 

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However, the NIJISANJI Festival held in 2023 may have contributed to the increased outflow in the financial report, leading to lower revenue overall. 

The report may have contributed to the significant decline in investor confidence, resulting in a massive sellout of Anycolor stocks. 

While the NIJISANJI Japan brand is still strong in its engagements and various collaborative projects, the issues hounding its English counterpart may have impacted the company more than expected. 

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