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Team Nigma beat Alliance 3 – 2 in a thrilling final series to win OGA Dota PIT Season 2. It’s their first title in five months, and they did it without Kuro ‘Kuroky’ Takhasomi, their beloved captain.

Team Secret has been dominating the scene. But after winning their sixth consecutive title, they decided to have a break and sit out for this tournament.

Their absence was an excellent opportunity for other teams to win a title. But it was also the perfect chance to see who was the second-best team in the world.

Team Nigma reigned supreme. They beat FlyToMoon, OG and Alliance twice without dropping a single series, and although the grand final was intense, they buckled down and persevered.

Game 1: Team Nigma dominate

The first game was a complete blowout. It lasted a solid 47 minutes, but Team Nigma more than doubled Alliances kills, with 47 compared to their 22.

Alliance had a small lead in the first eighteen minutes. However, Team Nigma won a crucial team fight which tipped the game in their favour, and they never let go.

Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi was the clear-cut MVP on Faceless Void, with 14 kills, 16 assists and only five deaths. He also dealt 29.5k damage to heroes and 9.8k damage to buildings, which means he was the driving force behind the victory.

Maroun “GH” Merhej was a close second on Clockwerk, with 10 kills, 25 assists and five deaths. He even dealt more damage than Miracle, although he did a lot less on buildings. Still, that’s an impressive support performance.

Game 2: Team Nigma still too good

The second game was even more one-sided than the first. It was all over in 33 minutes, and Team Nigma more than tripled Alliance’s kill count, with 35 to their 11. They secured momentum early and snowballed into an inevitable victory.

Miracle entered beast mode yet again. But this time it was on Spectre, and he netted 15 kills, 17 assists and only died twice. What’s more impressive is the insane amount of damage he did, which was about 40k. That means he dealt 1.2k damage per minute.

Game 3: Alliance turn the tide in an absolute spectacle

The third game was incredible. In the early game, Team Nigma laned well and came out slightly better in the team fights. But just when it looked like a clean sweep could be on the cards, Alliance turned up the heat.

An exhilarating arm-wrestle ensued, and it lasted a while. But Team Nigma’s eagerness to end the series caused them to make a few blunders and misplays, which presented opportunities. Alliance capitalized on them and secured the lead.

Still, Team Nigma’s indomitable will put them in a golden seat to win the game. They obliterated all five heroes on Alliance in an incredible team fight.

Alliance responded with resilience too and somehow held on. Shortly after, both teams committed buybacks and went all-in on the next Roshan. But what happened next was utterly insane.

Linus “Limmp” Blomdin dodged Miracle’s Chronosphere with an insane blink reaction on Templar Assassin. Then, he annihilated everyone, destroyed the throne and won the game.

Game 4: Reinvigorated Alliance close out a quick one

The fourth game was back to business as usual for both teams. It was a little back and forth during the laning phase, but Alliance were more calculated and made better decisions, including some clutch ones.

The game started to open up after Alliance won a vital team fight in the 23rd minute, which tipped the gold and net worth advantage in their favour.

Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and Limmp became absolute raid bosses on Slark and Death Prophet. Between them, they had 23 kills, 41 assists and only two deaths. The lethal duo also dealt an impressive 67k hero damage and 19k building damage, which was significantly more than Team Nigma’s cores.

Game 5: Team Nigma hold on in a close final match to win the title

The fifth and final game started slow, probably because both teams were feeling the immense pressure. Alliance had a slight advantage for the better part of 30 minutes, but it was a bit of a deadlock.

Aliwi “w33” Omar made created a lot of space with some big plays on Batrider, which allowed Miracle to farm and become a powerhouse.

Eventually, Team Nigma came out better in a series of mid-game team fights, which put the ball in their court, and they managed to close out the game in a close one.

It’s hard to say who the MVP was. I’d probably give it to w33, who finished with 13 kills, 18 assists and six deaths, He even dealt more damage than Miracle, who spent a lot of farming.

However, Ivan “Mind_Control” Ivanov also played an indispensable sacrificial role on Venomancer and would be a close second. He died 11 times, but he racked up 4 kills and 27 assists in the process. More importantly, he dealt 37.7k damage, which was the most in the game.

Is Team Secret’s Throne In Danger?

Team Nigma earned themselves a much-needed title and a handy $70,873 in prize money. It’s a considerable feat given the absence of their captain. But they haven’t necessarily dethroned Team Secret, which is undoubtedly their goal right now.

Given their absence from this tournament, Team Secret’s six consecutive title run is technically still in-tact. But Team Nigma, along with Alliance and OG, is one step closer to closing the gap after they all performed well.

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