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Team Secret have won their sixth consecutive title after yet another clean sweep in a finals series. This time, the victim was Team Nigma, and the tournament was BEYOND EPIC.

To no surprise, Team Secret started with a bang in the group stage. They topped Group A after beating Unique,, B8 and OG, although they lost to Team Nigma along the way.

Surprisingly, Team Liquid beat Team Secret convincingly in the first round of the Upper Bracket, knocking them down to the lower bracket. But that’s where they really started to find their groove.

Team Secret made quick work of and FlyToMoon in the second and third round of the Lower Bracket, earning themselves a rematch against Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Final, which they also won.

The only team left standing in their way was Team Nigma, who looked like the better team throughout the tournament. But Team Secret turned up the heat in the Grand Final and bested them 3 – 0 in an action-packed series.

The first game was very odd. Team Nigma had the gold and net worth advantage up until the 43rd minute. But a couple of team wipes quickly turned the game into Team Secret’s favour, and they set themselves on cruise control to victory.

Michal “Nisha” Jankowski entered beast mode, with 11 kills, 11 assists and two deaths on Morphling. He finished with a net worth of 37k and dealt slightly under 70k damage, which is absurd. 

Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi was the main reason behind Team Nigma’s early advantage in the game. He performed well on Gyrocopter with 8 kills, 5 assists and only one death. He even dealt a whopping 66k damage. But Nisha proved to be the better carry player in this game.

The second game was awesome. It lasted an hour and fifteen minutes and ended with 82 kills combined. It was very back and forth up until the 50th minute. Then Team Nigma tipped it in their favour and held on to their advantage for quite some time. But Team Secret obliterated them in two chaotic late-game team fights and clinched it in the last few minutes.

Statistically, Ludwig “Zai” Wahlberg had the most impact. He netted 14 kills, 25 assists, and only five deaths on Queen of Pain. But what’s even more impressive is that he dealt 81.2k damage and 13k building damage. The offlaner became a force to be reckoned with and was pivotal in his team’s victory.

Nisha wasn’t too far behind, with 14 kills and 21 assists on Drow Ranger. He also dealt 95k damage, even more than Zai, which is insane. But he died ten times in what wasn’t his cleanest performance.

The third game was more one-sided than the previous two. The game only lasted 35 minutes, and Team Secret finished with twice as many kills as their opponents. It was a bit of an arm-wrestle until the 11th minute, but the momentum swung in Team Secret’s favour and never slowed down.

This time, it was Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen’s time to shine. He was an absolute menace against his former teammates, finishing with 20 kills, 11 assists and only two deaths on Ursa. He dealt the most damage and had the highest net worth. He was everywhere, all the time, and showed us all why Team Secret is such a well-oiled machine.

Team Secret earned $80,000 for their first-place finish. But more importantly, it was their sixth title in a row, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. It’s not unusual for a team to dominate a season, but it is unusual for them to be this dominant. They are, without a doubt, the number one team in the world right now.

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