CS2 smoke

The recent smoke update in CS2 ignites discussions over whether it made its enemies too visible.

Counter-Strike, more commonly known as CS, has been around for a long time. It is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed by Valve. The fifth installment, CS2, was released in September 2023. This replaced the previous installment, CS:GO.

The game recently had an update that focused on bringing new content to the game and improvements to the gameplay. Included in this patch was the alteration on the smoke, which now has better rendering and animations and casts shadows.

Although the overall look of the smoke definitely improved compared to the past versions, some players raised concerns about whether it’s easier to spot players inside a smoke. A clip shared by a Reddit user demonstrated how they could see the person standing inside the smoke.

As seen in the clip, the counter-terrorist’s outline is easily visible from afar. As the player moves up near the silhouette, it’s less visible as the smoke looks denser up close. This became a concern to some of the players as the smoke exists to provide cover in open spaces. This also provides them protection whenever they are planting the bomb.

Another Reddit user shared their opinion, stating that it should be toned down as the degree of clarity seems too much. They also noticed that the viewing angles were inconsistent. They stated that this is not only a disadvantage but more of a certain death due to the visibility.

CS2 smoke
Counter-terrorist being visible inside a smoke (DarkStunter)

In response to this comment, one player shared that the counter-terrorist was standing at the edge of the smoke, which made them more visible. Players may still hide in the center of the smoke, which adds more depth and strategy in using it as a cover. This would make players think twice before they push through a smoke.

Besides the smoke visibility debate, some players are concerned about the FPS drops due to the new content. A Reddit user wanted the developers to optimize the game more than anything else. The smoke update also lowered players’ FPS so much that it affected their experience. FPS is an important aspect in games like CS2 so that players can have an effective reaction time.

byu/Mac_AU from discussion

CS2 is continually receiving updates, but changes to the smoke may not come soon because it was recently altered in the patch. If this problem persists, the developers may act on it as soon as they can. Players should continue to look out for more CS2 announcements and changes in the future.

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