Brawl Stars players steaming over Ranked mode’s “broken” modifiers


Brawl Stars’ introduction of “broken” modifiers in Ranked mode has ignited a firestorm of player frustration.

Brawl Stars, developed by Supercell, is a dynamic and competitive mobile game that brings players into a colorful world of fast-paced battles and strategic gameplay. Since its global release in December 2018, the game has garnered a large player count.

Recently, Brawl Stars revealed various new game modes like Trophy Escape that cater to different playstyles, including the highly competitive Ranked Mode. Ranked Mode is designed to offer a structured competitive environment where players can showcase their skills, climb the ranks, and earn rewards. This mode requires Brawlers to be at Power Level 9 or above, aiming to keep matches fair and competitive.

However, the recent introduction of Ranked Modifiers in Season 24 has caused quite a stir within the community. These Modifiers, intended to add variety and strategic depth to matches, have instead been labeled “broken” by a significant portion of the player base. Modifiers such as Quickfire, Timed Detonation, and Big Friend drastically alter gameplay, often leading to unbalanced and unpredictable outcomes.

The backlash has been vocal and widespread, with players taking to platforms like Reddit to express their dissatisfaction. One player lamented that the “broken” Ranked modifiers are the worst, critiquing the removal of the game’s competitive essence.

This sentiment was echoed by many, with calls for modifiers to be removed from higher ranks to preserve the competitive integrity of Ranked Mode.

Suggestions for less invasive but strategic modifiers were made, advocating adjustments that would not fundamentally change gameplay but still offer variety. Yet, the Quickfire Modifier, in particular, was singled out for enabling certain brawlers to have infinite ammo, disrupting the balance and fairness crucial to competitive play.

One player pointed out that using the Quickfire Modifier enabled many broken Brawlers, as they had access to infinite ammo. Another player shared their experience using Quickfire Modifier, where they could throw three pickaxes using Carl.

Despite the outcry, there’s hope, as some players believe Supercell might adjust or remove these controversial modifiers. A hopeful player stated that Brawl Stars are looking for feedback and are eager to make changes if needed, suggesting that mid-season changes or adjustments for the next season could rectify the current dissatisfaction.

In response to the controversy, discussions have emerged around the potential for these modifiers to be deactivated in professional play. This would highlight a divide between the casual and competitive scenes within Brawl Stars. This situation underscores game developers’ challenges in balancing innovation with preserving competitive integrity.

As the debate rages on, how Supercell will address the community’s feedback remains to be seen. Will they roll back the changes or find a middle ground that satisfies both competitive and casual players? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: the introduction of Ranked Modifiers has sparked a pivotal discussion about the future of competitive play in Brawl Stars.

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