All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them


Brawl Stars isn’t just about brawling; it’s about strategizing with various currencies that fuel your progress. From upgrading Brawlers to unlocking new skins, each currency serves a unique purpose that can significantly affect your in-game experience.

As we venture into the Sands of Time, Brawl Stars Season 24 promises to reshape the battlefield with a comprehensive list of adjustments to create a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players. Make sure to check out our Brawl Stars tier list to find which Brawlers are currently performing best in Season 24.

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Brawl Stars currencies. Whether you’re a seasoned brawler or new to the arena, understanding these currencies is vital to maximizing your gameplay and enhancing your collection.

Let’s unpack the Brawl Stars currencies treasure trove and how you can earn them. Let’s get started.

Brawl Stars In-Game Currencies Explained


All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 1
Coins (Brawl Stars)

Coins are the bread and butter of Brawl Stars, essential for upgrading your Brawlers and unlocking Gadgets, Gears, Hypercharges, and Star Powers. You can earn coins through various in-game activities such as progressing through the Trophy Road, completing Quests, participating in Challenges, Starr Drops, and even grabbing your Daily Freebie.


All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 2
Gems (Brawl Stars)

Gems are the most coveted currency, opening doors to new Brawlers, exclusive skins, XP Doublers, extra Challenge attempts, and special offers in the Shop. Though primarily found in Brawl Pass tracks, those looking to accelerate their progress can purchase gems directly from the Shop.


All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 3
Credits (Brawl Stars)

Credits are your ticket to unlocking Brawlers on the Starr Road, ranging from Rare to Legendary rarities. The beauty of Credits is their flexibility; if you change your mind about which Brawler to unlock, you can seamlessly transfer your Credits to the new Brawler’s unlock progression. Earn Credits through the Trophy Road, Brawl Pass, Starr Drops, and your Daily Freebie.


All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 4
Bling (Brawl Stars)

Bling adds sparkle to your Brawl Stars experience, allowing you to purchase Skins, Pins, select Player Icons, and Sprays from the Catalog. Accumulate Bling via the Brawl Pass, Trophy Road, completing Quests, and conquering Challenges. Remember, you can hold a maximum of 7000 Bling, but you can also use Gems for Catalog purchases.

Power Points

All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 5
Power Points (Brawl Stars)

Power Points are crucial for upgrading your Brawlers, used alongside Coins. These can be earned through the Trophy Road, Brawl Pass, Starr Drops, and, of course, the Daily Freebie. Upgrading your Brawlers enhances their effectiveness in battle, making Power Points a valuable resource.

Brawl Pass XP

Earn Brawl Pass XP by completing Quests and advancing through the Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus tiers. Each tier unlocks rewards such as Coins, Gems, Credits, Pins, and Power Points. Keep an eye on the Event changes for Brawl Pass XP rewards and remember that battling Brawl Pass XP transfers to your Brawl Pass contributes to your progression.

XP Doublers

All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 6
XP Doublers (Brawl Stars)

XP Doublers let you earn double the Brawl Pass XP, propelling your progress. Available through purchases in the Shop or as rewards from Starr Drops, Daily Freebies, or the Trophy Road, they’re an excellent way to maximize your gaming experience.


All Brawl Stars currency types and how to get them 7
Tickets (Brawl Stars)

Tickets are a special currency used exclusively for Mega Pig Club Event participation. These are limited and cannot be purchased or replaced, adding an exclusive element to event participation.

Learning about the currencies in Brawl Stars is essential for a well-rounded and enriched gaming experience. From upgrading Brawlers to acquiring exclusive items, each currency type has its role in your journey.

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