Best Brawlers for Every Mode in Brawl Stars

Choosing the best Brawlers for each 3v3 mode in Brawl Stars can significantly impact your trophy count, especially when climbing above 900 trophies. 

Whether you’re diving into Heist, Knockout, Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Hot Zone, Bounty, or Showdown in Brawl Stars, knowing which Brawler to pick can set you on a path to victory. Here’s a guide to ensure you’re equipped with the top picks, no matter the map, enabling you to rack up those wins effortlessly.

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Best Brawlers for Heist

In Heist, the objective is to break into the enemy’s safe while protecting your own. The best Brawlers for Heist are those capable of dealing massive damage to the safe from a distance or those who can easily breach enemy defenses.


Colette shines in Heist due to her Super’s unique ability to deal damage based on a percentage of her target’s health. This makes her exceptionally effective against the Heist safe, as she can quickly chip away a significant portion of its health, regardless of its total HP. Her ability to hit multiple targets with both her attack and Super also allows her to keep advancing enemies at bay. For Colette’s best build, visit our guide.


Colt’s high damage output and ability to shred through obstacles with his Super make him a powerhouse in Heist. His rapid-fire long-range attacks can quickly dismantle enemy defenses and deal substantial damage to the safe from a safe distance. Colt’s speed and agility also enable him to dodge incoming fire, making him a versatile attacker and defender. For Colt’s best build, visit our guide.


The stationary Damage Booster turret that 8-Bit deploys amplify the damage output of him and his allies, making quick work of the enemy safe when positioned correctly. His high damage per shot further contributes to his effectiveness in this mode, compensating for his lack of mobility with sheer firepower. For 8-Bit’s best build, visit our guide.


Bull’s ability to charge directly to the enemy safe with his Super allows him to bypass obstacles and enemy Brawlers, making him an ideal choice for direct assaults. His high health pool enables him to sustain incoming damage, ensuring he reaches his target more often than not. For Bull’s best build, visit our guide.


Edgar’s mobility and self-healing make him a unique threat in Heist. His ability to leap over walls and obstacles with his Super allows him to close the distance to the enemy safe or vulnerable Brawlers. Once in close quarters, his rapid attacks can deal significant damage while healing him, making him difficult to take down.

Brawl Stars Maisie

Best Brawlers for Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball requires a blend of aggression and defense, scoring goals in the enemy’s net. The best Brawlers here are those with good ball control, area denial, and the ability to break through or circumvent enemy defenses.


Maisie’s control over the battlefield, combined with her turrets and area denial capabilities, makes her a strategic asset in Brawl Ball. Her ability to lock down sections of the map and protect the ball or her goal from enemies helps her team maintain control and push forward confidently. For Maisie’s best build, visit our guide.


Her ability to pull enemies closer with her Gadget and deal area damage makes Jacky a formidable Brawler in Brawl Ball. This control allows her team to recover the ball or clear the path for a goal. Her high health makes her difficult to push back, allowing her to maintain pressure on the enemy goal.


Fang excels in Brawl Ball due to his knockback kick and fast movement speed, which allow him to disrupt enemy formations and create scoring opportunities. His Super, which can instantly take out an enemy Brawler, is perfect for opening the field or defending against incoming attackers. For 8-Bit’s best build, visit our guide.


Sandy’s Sandstorm Super provides both a strategic advantage and area control, making it harder for opponents to see his team’s movements. This can be crucial for sneaking the ball past defenders or setting up unexpected plays. His attacks also cover a wide area, helping to keep the ball in his team’s possession.

El Primo

El Primo’s high health and powerful punches allow him to bulldoze through enemies, making space for his team or scoring goals himself. His Super leap can quickly close the distance to the ball, escape a tight situation, or even score from afar, making him a versatile choice in Brawl Ball.

El Primo in Brawl Stars
El Primo in Brawl Stars (Supercell)

Best Brawlers for Gem Grab

Gem Grab centers around controlling the center of the map and collecting gems. The best Brawlers for this mode excel in area control and support and can safely carry gems.


Piper’s long-range sniping capabilities make her a threat to anyone trying to collect gems in the center of the map. Her ability to knock back enemies with her Gadget gives her and her teammates crucial breathing room to collect gems safely. Her Super also offers an escape mechanism, ensuring she can protect her gems by repositioning quickly if threatened.


Leon’s strength in Gem Grab comes from his stealth and the ability to ambush gem carriers with his Super. His Lollipop Drop Gadget can provide valuable vision control, making it difficult for the enemy to safely collect gems without risking a sudden attack from Leon. For Leon’s best build, visit our guide.


Amber’s continuous fire stream can control large areas of the map, preventing enemies from safely accessing the gem mine. Her area denial capabilities and high damage output make her excellent at defending her team’s gem carrier and pressuring the enemy.


Colette can quickly whittle down the health of enemy gem carriers, making them easy targets for her teammates. Her Super allows her to dash through enemies, dealing damage and repositioning herself, which is invaluable for offensive plays and escaping tight situations. For Colette’s best build, visit our guide.


Mico’s fast movement and high damage output allow him to excel in disrupting the enemy team’s formation. His ability to dash through enemies with his Super can be used to target the enemy gem carrier directly or to escape after securing gems for his team. For Mico’s best build, visit our guide.

Best Brawlers for Every Game Mode in Brawl Stars Season 23 1

Best Brawlers for Knockout

Knockout is all about taking out the opposing team with no respawns in each round. The best Brawlers in this mode are those with high burst damage, long-range, or abilities that provide a tactical advantage in duels.


In Knockout, Piper’s long-range sniping is invaluable. Her ability to eliminate enemies from a distance without putting herself in danger makes her a key player. The map design often includes open spaces where Piper can take advantage of her range, and her Super provides an escape mechanism for sticky situations, enhancing her survivability.


Nani’s precision and high damage output make her a standout Brawler in Knockout, where eliminating key targets quickly can decisively turn the tide of the round. Her Super, which allows her to control a remote explosive drone, can be used to snipe enemies from afar or finish off weakened foes, making her a versatile choice for this mode.


Tick’s long-range area denial capabilities make him a nuisance in Knockout, forcing enemies to move predictably or take damage. This control can create opportunities for his teammates to secure eliminations. His mines can cover choke points or protect flanks, and his head-first Super can target specific threats or force enemies to scatter.


Meg’s two-stage health mechanic allows her to essentially have two lives in Knockout, where every elimination counts. Her mech suit provides significant firepower and durability, making her a formidable opponent. Even in her base form, Meg’s mobility and ranged attacks allow her to poke at enemies and build her Super quickly.


Belle’s ability to mark enemies for increased damage from all sources is particularly effective in Knockout, where focusing down targets is key. Her long-range attacks can keep pressure on enemies, and her Super’s ricochet effect can damage multiple foes in close proximity, making her excellent for both initiating fights and cleaning up weakened opponents.

Best Brawlers for Every Game Mode in Brawl Stars Season 23 2

Best Brawlers for Wipeout / Bounty

In Wipeout/Bounty, the focus is on eliminating opponents to collect stars, and strategic gameplay is crucial for survival and securing kills. The best Brawlers for this mode excel in dealing high damage to enemies.


In Wipeout, Piper’s long-range damage potential is unmatched. She can pick off enemies from a distance, securing stars for her team without harming herself. Her Super provides an escape mechanism and a way to traverse obstacles, making her highly versatile in positioning and repositioning to maintain control of the map.


Brock’s high explosive damage and ability to break walls with his Super make him a strong contender in Wipeout. He can open the map to make it harder for enemies to hide, and his long-range rockets can secure eliminations from a safe distance. His gadgets, especially the rocket laces, offer additional mobility and survivability.


Tick excels in Wipeout due to his ability to control space with his mines, forcing enemies into unfavorable positions or taking chip damage. His Super can target specific threats or provide a means to escape when pressured. Tick’s strength lies in his ability to lay traps and control the game’s flow, making him a constant nuisance.


Bo’s vision control with his Super and Tripwire gadget can be game-changing in Wipeout, revealing enemies hiding in bushes or waiting to ambush. His mines can secure areas or protect flanks, and his consistent damage output with his bow makes him reliable for poking and finishing off enemies.


Belle’s ability to mark enemies for increased damage from all sources is particularly effective in Wipeout, where focusing down targets is essential. Her long-range and ricochet shots can harass multiple enemies, and her Super can dissuade enemies from clustering together, making her a strategic asset for controlling the battlefield.

Bo in Brawl Stars

Best Brawlers for Hot Zone

Hot Zone requires teams to control specific areas on the map to earn points. The best Brawlers for Hot Zone are those who can hold their ground, support teammates, and clear enemies from zones.


Stu’s rapid Super charging from his attacks allows him to be continuously aggressive, making him ideal for Hot Zone. His mobility can be used to quickly contest zones, dodge enemy fire, or chase down opponents. Stu’s gadgets and star powers provide additional utility, whether creating a wall of fire or gaining a speed boost to outmaneuver foes.


Leon’s invisibility makes him a strategic asset in Hot Zone, allowing him to sneak past enemies and take control of zones or ambush unsuspecting foes. His lollipop drop Gadget provides vision control, crucial for maintaining dominance over a zone. Leon’s blend of stealth and damage makes him a constant threat. For Leon’s best build, visit our guide.


Cordelius excels in Hot Zone by using his Super to displace enemies from zones or secure eliminations. His mobility and ability to engage or disengage quickly make him versatile in contesting zones. Cordelius can disrupt enemy formations and create openings for his team to capitalize on, proving his worth in this objective-focused mode. For Cordelius’ best build, visit our guide.


Pam’s combination of high health, sustained healing, and area control makes her a powerhouse in Hot Zone. Her healing turret can turn a contested zone into a stronghold for her team, and her widespread attacks can keep enemies at bay. Pam’s durability allows her to contest zones effectively, making her an anchor for her team.


Bo’s mines provide significant area denial, which is invaluable in Hot Zone. Strategically placed mines can protect a zone or deter enemies from entering. His Super can be used defensively to safeguard a zone or offensively to clear enemies out. Bo’s consistent damage output and vision control with his gadgets also contribute to his effectiveness in this mode. For Bo’s best build, visit our guide.

Master these Brawlers in their respective modes to climb the ranks and secure victories in Brawl Stars. Whether you’re pushing solo or with a team, these picks are designed to offer a strategic edge in any matchup.

Equip yourself with these top Brawlers for each mode and transform your gameplay in Brawl Stars. Whether you’re defending safes in Heist, scoring goals in Brawl Ball, or securing gems in Gem Grab, this guide has you covered.

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