Wuthering Waves beta testers rave about “buttery” combat topping Genshin Impact

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Wuthering Waves’ second closed beta test (CBT2) has been praised by players for its fluid gameplay that “outperforms Genshin Impact by a mile.”

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming open-world action role-playing game being developed by Kuro Game Studio. It is a game that features exploration with a rich narrative, as well as a high degree of freedom in terms of combat. There is no definitive release date yet.

The game recently started its second closed beta test on February 19, 2024. Just days into CBT2, Wuthering Waves already received praise for its game-changing loot collection tweak.

Players who were able to qualify for the CBT2 took their thoughts and experiences to Reddit. The original poster had only seen clips of the first closed beta test but was confident to say that CBT2 is better overall.

The player added that there were a few bugs and that the movement wasn’t polished yet, but they loved the game, especially due to having the most fluid and dynamic gaming experiences one could find in the Gacha market.

They stated that the combat and open-world gameplay feel “smooth and buttery” most of the time, even outperforming Genshin Impact. The bosses in Wuthering Waves were actually challenging, and players could end up in a zone with a level 120 boss at level 40.

The Wuthering Waves player also praised the story for its good quality as well as the shots in the closed beta test looking like a cinematic with how the visuals looked, which blew their mind.

They only hope that the writers could start ignoring some of the criticism to avoid relying solely on opinions and be able to flesh out their own stories. If this is recognized early on, it can be fixed, as the game is still in CBT.

Others also praised the Echos system (equivalent to artifacts in Genshin Impact), stating that it may be the best out of all the gacha games they’ve played. They may be misjudging as they were still in the early phases, but they found it really cool and unique, even seeing themselves enjoying the farming.

Another Reddit user didn’t like the story progression in Wuthering Waves but agreed that the movement and combat systems were ahead compared to the other gacha games in the market.

Players are continuously testing Wuthering Waves in the second closed beta, and there will surely be other changes that will come once the game is fully released. Stay tuned for more Wuthering Waves updates!

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