Wild Rift players hit breaking point over "impossible" ranked matches 1

League of Legends: Wild Rift players are furious over the game’s “broken” ranked matchmaking leading some to even uninstall the game.

Wild Rift players, have you experienced being paired up in ranked games with players who seem to be in a different elo than you? Turns out, you are not alone. A handful of Wild Rift players reported being matched with players with a high-rank gap after reaching a 50% win rate. 

In a post on Reddit, one player recalls hard-carrying on ranked games with their team composed of players playing against enemies ranked three to four tiers higher than their own. 

In the same Reddit post, other Wild Rift players call the game’s matchmaking system an “absolute joke” after being paired up with lower-tier players after reaching a high win rate. 

Some players also took to Wild Rift’s official social media pages, replying with proof of their broken ranked games in some of the game’s announcements. On one of the replies on X, a screenshot of a player’s Ranked loading screen shows Silver players being grouped with Platinum-ranked players. 

The apparent “see-sawing” of rankings dismayed ranked players trying to grind their way to the top. Some players assume that the matchmaking system’s “balancing ” makes players accruing a winning streak return to their previous ranks by pairing them up with lower-ranked players. 

Riot Games has yet to address these matchmaking concerns on its mobile MOBA title. With a number of the player base reportedly uninstalling, most of the remaining players hope for changes in the game’s matchmaking system soon.

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