Wild Rift finally adds Viego after years of being shelved due to “complexity”

Wild Rift finally adds Viego after years of being shelved due to “complexity” 1

League of Legends: Wild Rift developers have announced the debut of “The Ruined King” on mobile screens after being put on hold for years due to technical complexity. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift takes much, if not all, from its 12-year-old PC predecessor. Beyond the map differences and some skill adjustments, most of the aspects of the mobile game would be familiar to a League of Legends player on the broader screen. 

Whether Wild Rift is your first dip into the Summoners’ Rift or you’re a seasoned LoL player who made their way to the mobile game, it’s hard not to compare the contents and features of the two titles. As of February 2024, only 108 Champions are available to play on Wild Rift compared to the 167 Champion pool of League of Legends. 

If your main pick is one of the 59 missing Champions, you’ll likely be one of the players begging Riot Games for a character debut on mobile. After Sivir’s addition last December, it’s now Viego main’s time to rejoice as devs teased the addition of the fierce jungler in the mobile version.

Viego’s addition to Wild Rift suggests more shape-shifting Champions in the future

It is worth noting that Wild Rift players have long been calling for the “Ruined King” to make his way onto the smaller screen. However, the devs were once hesitant to add the famed jungler to the mobile Summoner’s rift due to his “technical complexity.” 

When Viego was released on League of Legends in 2021, he broke the meta with his shape-shifting skills and mimicked enemy abilities. Riot Games admitted that this level of mechanics proved to be challenging to add during Wild Rift’s early days. 

However, it seemed like Wild Rift has matured as the mobile design team is finally ready to introduce Viego’s unique “Possession” skill into the game. 

While some Viego mains are rejoicing in this addition, some keen Wild Rift players have diverted their attention to the possibility of more shape-shifting Champions in the mobile scene. Some of the most notable Champions include Neeko, who copies her allies, and Sylas, who can use enemy ultimate skills. 

Wild Rift developers have yet to announce the date of the Viego update.

Whether you’re a jungler looking to try new Champions or a seasoned Viego “pro,” the debut of the “Ruined King” is surely something to look out for! 

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