Wild Rift announces return of Arena mode with a twist 1

League of Legends: Wild Rift has excited its player base by announcing the return of its Arena, a battle royale-like game mode, this time with “new and improved” gameplay. 

Wild Rift players, it’s time to pick up a partner and battle your way to glory with the return of the much-loved Arena Mode to your mobile devices! Riot Games announced on social media that the 2v2v2v2 game mode is returning to the app on February 12, with updated features and rewards. 

The game mode’s return is part of Wild Rift’s celebration of the Lunar New Year, alongside Wild Rift exclusive skins.

The Arena was first introduced to League of Legends’ mobile version last November 2023 as a limited-time event mode. Many players are now wondering if the return of Arena means it stays for good as they wait for further details from Riot Games. 

What is Wild Rift Arena Game Mode?

Much like the Arena mode of League of Legends PC, Wild Rift’s Arena lets eight players battle in pairs on multiple levels until a pair emerges as victors. Prior to each battle, players can buy items and Arena-special augments that let them empower their Champion with a unique trait or skill. 

The first two rounds employ a round-robin format, letting the teams accrue points based on their wins and losses. After the two rounds, the lowest-ranked teams will fight against elimination with a chance to get higher points. It may depend on the scores collected in the first two rounds if higher teams are twice-to-beat or not. 

In its previous installment, the Arena mode featured daily XP rewards that can be converted into in-game currency Blue Motes. Players also expect a special player icon or icon border in theme with the Lunar New Year celebration. 

Riot Games still keeps the details of the “new and updated” gameplay a secret. However, many players are keen on playing the special game mode, whether it is limited release or not. 

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