VCT Kickoff in-game banter made Brazilian fans want to punch their screens

VCT Kickoff in-game banter made Brazilian fans want to punch their screens 1

Sentinels Zellsis’ in-game banter during the final match versus LOUD sparked frustration and anger within the Brazilian VCT Kickoff audience.

In the Valorant competitive stage, in-game banter is more than just a strategy to get your opponent out of their composed game mindset. When up to 800,000 viewers are watching you, some players would gladly give them a show. 

The VCT Kickoff final faceoff between North America’s favorite team, the Sentinels, and Brazillian champions LOUD became the most-watched Valorant pro match in history. With all eyes on them, Sentinels’ flex player Zellsis gave the audience remarkable entertainment as a cherry on top of his fantastic gunplay. 

But it didn’t appear like everyone was thrilled to watch Zellsis joke around throughout the game. Following the player’s amusing actions, Brazilian Valorant supporters expressed their desire to “punch the screen” on social media. 

Zellsis continues Valorant “showmanship” in match against LOUD

In one of the posts on X, a Brazilian fan detailed their frustration over seeing Zellsis “humiliate” LOUD on top of witnessing their home team lose. 

This is not the first time Zellsis has garnered public attention after his onstage acts in a Valorant match. Most notably, the then-Cloud 9 player was once fined by VCT after making a “suggestive gesture” caught on camera in a VCT America 2023 match. 

Fans speculate that the VCT organization fined Zellsis a whopping $10,000 USD after setting up a donation goal on his Twitch stream. However, the actual cost remains unknown as neither party confirmed nor denied the speculations.

Beyond taunting players on the opposing team, the American player also made rounds on social media after the “shameless” promotion of the Sentinels VCT Team Capsule on pro games. 

The player also continued his entertaining stride, much to the delight of fans, in the post-match interview after Sentinels won the VCT Americas Kickoff – choosing to promote the Sentinels bundle more than a heartwarming winners’ speech. 

Whether you love Zellsis or not, Valorant fans will see more of his spectacular skills and humorous banter in the upcoming VCT Masters Madrid on March 14.

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