Team Heretics coach caught in a fiery post-match encounter with Paper Rex players

Team Heretics coach caught in a fiery post-match encounter with Paper Rex players 1

Things got heated in Madrid, as the VCT Masters Elimination match between Paper Rex and Team Heretics saw action on and off the desk. 

Valorant’s pro scene has set its sights on Madrid for the VCT Masters, a premier event that brings together the best teams from the regional VCT Kickoff. These teams are now locked in a fierce competition, each vying for the prestigious Master’s trophy. 

VCT Masters Madrid is the first international event this year, making it a good gauge of wit and strength. Most VCT teams underwent considerable roster changes before the 2024 season. Some of the most surprising revelations include Team Heretics’ young roster, while Paper Rex continues to represent the Pacific in international tournaments proudly. 

However, it seems like the match between the two fan-favorite teams got a little too heated, as fans noticed fiery post-match encounters from both ends – with one even involving Team Heretics’ Head Coach, Neilzinho. 

Team Heretics and Paper Rex for off-match heated banter

In the clip, eagled-eye fans caught Team Heretics’ Head Coach “screaming” at Paper Rex’s Mindfreak. This clip was after the EMEA team’s bounce-back win on Map 2 after losing the first map to Paper Rex. 

Some fans poked fun at Nielzinho’s choice of victim. Mindfreak is commonly known as the “ice cold king” to Paper Rex fans because of his “ability” to keep his calm even in the most heart-pounding situations. 

However, this is far from the series’s only “trash-talking” instance. Some fans noted that Team Heretics’ players showed their competitive nature on and off the game, while some of Paper Rex’s most level-headed players joined the chaos. 

Some of the most notable off-game banter include Monyet hyping up the crowd onstage and Paper Rex’s Something being caught “red-handed” after winning Map 3. 

Both Paper Rex Something and Team Heretics’ Nielzinho took to Social Media to apologize for the off-game banter. The Head Coach states that he got “carried away and will take all the humbling” and clarifies that he was also screaming at his players. 

Meanwhile, Paper Rex Something also explains that his emotions “got the better of him” and insists that he shouldn’t have acted that way. However, many Paper Rex fans were quick to side with the Russian player, deeming that the Head Coach’s earlier action warranted Something’s response. 

Given that all of these off-game banters were caught on broadcast, some fans suggest that Riot Games may penalize some players. However, players from both teams have no official announcement or implied penalties from the tournament officials. 

Team Heretics bid a painful early goodbye to the tournament held in their home country. Meanwhile, Paper Rex will face another EMEA team, Karmine Corp, in a do-or-die match later tonight.

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