Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant

Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 1

Ready to dominate Valorant’s newest map? Lock in the best agents in Valorant’s Sunset and climb your way to victory!

Unlike other first-person shooter games, Valorant requires skills beyond gunplay. The agents you pick and their compatibility with the current map can make or break your winning stride, no matter how great your aim is. 

As Valorant’s newest map, Sunset is still being tested by many players trying to determine its needs. But recent pro matches have shown us the capabilities and potential of different agents, so we’ve been able to come up with the best and worst agents for the Sunset map in Valorant!

Agents like Reyna and Iso rely on player skill instead of the Agent’s abilities. We’ve decided not to include these two agents on our Best Agents in Valorant Maps lists.

Best Duelist in Sunset


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 2

Jett’s kit is made for a healthy mix of tight angles and wide spaces, which Sunset has. Her dash ability lets you get out of attacking chokepoints on A and B entryways, while her smokes grant a safe place to dash into or to cover usual peeking angles from defenders. 

For defending, Sunset also features a handful of operator-ready angles on mid and A site, which works best with Jett’s abilities. If you’re not a fan of using sniper rifles, you may also take aggressive control on mid or fast-lurk to completely throw off your enemies’ pacing. 

Best Controllers in Sunset


Sunset’s many elevations and corners are the perfect playground for Omen’s TPs. Given Sunset’s sites’ tight entryways and chokepoints, “orb smoke” controllers work best on this map. What gives Omen an edge, however, is how his blind and teleport would work perfectly given the map’s many obstacles. 

Just like Split, we think Omen’s ultimate fits perfectly on Sunset’s fast-rotate possibilities. 


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 3

While Astra’s abilities require more experience than those of other controllers, her variety of skills can grant you and your team various possibilities and equations for winning. As Sunset features small bomb sites with many obstacles, her stun and Gravity Well combo will work great on both attacking and defending. 

Best Initiators in Sunset


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 4

Fade’s ultimate is, in all ways, a nightmare for Sunset. If you think there is any place you can hide on Sunset’s narrow sites from a Fade ult, then you’ve thought wrong. There are also many elevations and boxes you can throw your recon onto, making it harder for enemies to shoot the Haunt and stay within your team’s radar.


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 5

Valorant’s newest initiator shines brightly on the newest map. What makes Gekko almost irreplaceable in Sunset is the reusability of his utilities. Sunset features many corners and nooks where enemies can hide, and blinds and mollies may be handy. 

Gekko’s seemingly “unlimited” abilities give your team an advantage—if you can get back Gekko’s beloved pets during the round. 

Best Sentinels in Sunset


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 6

While Sage is not a top pick for many pro players for Sunset, this Agent shines in the map’s ranked statistics. Often mistaken as a mere healer and as a “second chance” for fallen teammates, Sage brings so much more to the table in this map. 

Despite not having a “gimmick” or special features, Sunset is one of the maps with the most entryways to the site. I personally find it tedious to guard mid, which can lead to flanks, the A main (technically with two entryways), and B main and mid. Sage’s wall can come in handy to eliminate one variable for your team. 

However, don’t mistake Sage for a meek agent on this map! Paper Rex notably used a “Grim Wall” for a Sage and Omen combo that completely blindsided their enemies!

Worst Agents in Sunset


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 7

Don’t get me wrong—post-nerf Killjoy still maintains her status as a great Sentinel. However, Sunset’s multiple angles, entryways, and many planting spot options (unlike Ascent and Bind’s “default” planting spots) make it hard for Killjoy mains to maximize their utilities. 

Given the turret’s limited range, it doesn’t work well on sites with multiple angles to hold, like B or A’s multiple entryways. Her kit does not work best for anti-flank purposes on this map, too. 


Best and Worst Agents for Sunset in Valorant 8

Harbor’s impenetrable smoke is a skill (quite literally) like no other. While this orb smoke can come in handy for post-plant or retake purposes, Harbor’s wave/wall does not synergize well with the Sunset map’s needs. If you’re keen on using Harbor’s ultimate and slowing wall, your team may need to run a double-controller comp. 

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