Summit1G sparks Valorant debate on Twitter: ‘Seems way more repetitive than CS:GO’

Valorant gameplay

The Valorant closed beta has been live for almost a month now, which means players have had more than enough time to form their thoughts and opinions on Riot’s brand new tactical shooter.

Outspoken Twitch streamer, Jaryd “summit1G” Lazar, took to Twitter today and offered up some thoughts on the game, specifically dealing with how repetitive the game can get compared to its inspiration, Counter-Strike.  

“I think my feeling on Valorant right now is that it seems way more repetitive somehow than CS does. Not 100% why though. Don’t think it’s because only 3 maps either,” summit tweeted.

At the time of writing, the tweet has garnered almost over 500 replies, with many people echoing similar sentiments. Some people argued that the game’s focus on agents puts players into specific roles, which leads to situations where you’re forced to perform the same actions every round. Counter-Strike, on the other hand, has no agents, so everybody can basically do everything. 

Even more people argued that the game’s maps are simply too small, and lack any sense of originality. With so many tight spaces and narrow corridors, there’s not a whole lot of space to be creative and move around freely. There are only a few predefined paths to take in order to get to certain areas, which could be why many players are finding the game to get stale rather quickly.  

As the discussion continued to evolve, summit then offered a theory to his original quandary.

“Wonder if my problem has to do with the buy zone being so large. Moving freely to a spot where RIGHT when the round starts(in not just one location like cs, every location) you’re running into someone right around the corner,” summit said.

This is a notion many others had as well. The large buy zones, coupled with the fact that you’re able to move around freely during the buy phase, only exacerbates the issue of the maps being so small, as opposing players run into each other almost immediately at the same spots on the map. 

In the end, though, summit tried to keep things positive, as he reiterated that he’s been enjoying the game overall.

“I’m not trying to hate on this one either, just trying to wrap my head around it boys. Valorant has been pretty fun either way. Hope it owns tbh,” he said.

Whatever the reason is for the game’s repetition issues, it’s important to remember that the game is still in beta, and at least some of these problems will be solved with more maps and agents to help keep things fresh.

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